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While scanning my Amazon recommendations (I’m an Amazon junkie) I saw that there was a PC game listed, one that I hadn’t ever heard of before – Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light. The game was recommended for me because I absolutely love those cheap puzzle/adventure games. They are one of my many addictions. After giving the game a look I was pleasantly surprised that it’s a werewolf game. Yay! Here’s some more info on the game:

Katrina has learned many amazing things at the Magic Academy but she is completely unprepared for what is about to present itself. Professor Fobros has mysteriously vanished, and only with her brother is there any hope of finding him. Though they have the wonders of magic to aid them, they soon realize however that their skills alone are not enough to resolve the professor’s strange disappearance and his terrifying secret. Join Katrina and her brother as they travel across continents and through time to save their professor from the curse of the werewolf. Find the hidden pieces of a powerful amulet and reassemble objects to overcome daring challenges. Solve imposing puzzles, play tricky mini-games, and enjoy beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Can you reach the professor before the moon is full again?

  • 1,900 hidden objects
  • 32 levels
  • 18 mini-games
  • Four continents to explore
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics

Yeah, hidden object puzzle games aren’t the most popular of games out there, but whatev, I absolutely love them. And this one doesn’t have a single bad review yet, so I’m thinking that once I finish playing all of my other games I’ll have to pick this one up, it’s only $6.95 after all. Hurray for cheap gaming! Plus it gets extra points for having werewolves in it.

Anyone else like this type of game (adventure/puzzle)? I’ll admit that I like real console games a bit more, but I really enjoy these as well.

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