LYCANTHROPE Pays Homage to Eddie

That’s Eddie Quist, I mean. You know, the serial killer who was revealed to be a werewolf in the original THE HOWLING, which was, those of you of sufficient vintage may recall, marketed as anything *but* a werewolf movie. They wanted to sell it as a serial killer movie, then surprise the audience with the werewolves, or so the story goes. I do have to wonder just how surprised they thought the audience might be given the film’s title. I mean, it’s kind of a tipoff, innit?

LYCANTHROPE seems to be taking a page from the playbook of THE HOWLING. It’s also being marketed as a serial killer movie (with a werewolf) than as a werewolf movie. (And, as with THE HOWLING, I have to wonder if the title isn’t going to prove a dead giveaway; at least all the literate fans are going to know what it’s about, all the ones who know what a “lycanthrope” actually is.) LYCANTHROPE is, as of this moment, just a finished script, not a movie. Dread Central does a good job of persuading us why we should want to see it *become* a movie. What interested me most, though, is the shared approach with THE HOWLING. Will it prove as successful for this new proposed film as it did for the classic?

By The Evil Cheezman

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