Love and Bloodshed Coming to Being Human Season 3

If you’re a fan of SyFy’s Being Human then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got all kinds of dish on the upcoming third season. Production has begun on Season 3 and details are slowly trickling in on what’s to come. The last we saw, Sally is in limbo, Aidan was buried alive, and Josh and Nora are in a werewolf standoff. But of course we all know that our leading stars won’t die or disappear for good, they will be back and their lives will get crazier than ever.

First bit of news is a relationship for Aidan. It was announced that Aidan will have some romance in his life, which means he won’t be buried for long. The new lady’s name is Kat and she is a friend of Nora’s. She is also a history scholar, which is probably something that caught Aidan’s eye with him being an old vampire and all. Rumor is that Kat and Aidan meet during a stressful time for Nora and then they meet again at the hospital. What that stressful time is, well, they didn’t share that much. But I bet it’s Josh related.

But that’s not all the news that was revealed. It was also announced that Xander Berkeley will be joining the cast as the werewolf father of purebred twins Brynn and Connor Mclean. He comes to Boston to see what happened to his kids. I imagine things won’t go well seeing how Connor was killed by Aidan in Season 2 and Brynn was told to leave Boston. This new werewolf is sure to bring lots of trouble.

It was also rumored that Berkeley is to be a regular fixture of Season 3 and that he may develop a mysterious relationship with Nora.

That’s all of the dish so far. Who here is excited about Season 3?

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  1. love the show I nevr miss a show.I miss it when it is on off season.cant wait for season 3.thanks for the info on it.

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