Lou Romano Prepares for the Monster Squad Remake

…With some fabulous paintings, that are in fact, for sale. Would we give our left arms (yes, I’d probably give the left arms of everyone on the staff; maybe not my own… but theirs) to own to Wolfman painting? In the immortal words of Gabe Saporta, “HELL YES!” Romano basically painted the entire monster cast of the Monster Squad original film, –which does a lot to add to the hype for the remake of the film, which is, according to Rob Cohen and everyone else on the task force (eeek! Michael Bay!), will stick closely to the original. Now, I have to admit, I’m not sure of the whole Michael Bay thing. He produced the new Nightmare on Elm Street. And all I have to say about that is: “Pfft.”

Anyway, aside from Michael Bay’s insane overzealous effects, Cohen does have some great projects under his belt, like uhh… The Running Man. Wait, no… bad example. Hmm. How about… the fourth movie in ‘The Mummy’ franchise? Hmm. Maybe not. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be great! Brad Fuller and Andrew Form are gonna help, –let’s hope they keep Cohen from doing anything too er… Rob Cohen.

But, still! There are some fabulous works of really nostalgic art to be had from Lou Romano, famous for his illustrations in films like, Monsters, Inc., The Iron Giant (which makes me cry), and several other illustrious projects. You can check out his blog for more information on the paintings, prices, and even photos of them while they were still ‘works in progress’.

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