Lots of New Werewolves Coming to True Blood Season 5

I know we have way more True Blood haters here than lovers, which is understandable seeing how the werewolves of True Blood haven’t really been the most impressive of creatures. They’re weak, petty and occasionally serve under the hand of vampires – not what a werewolf fan wants to see. However, rumors are that we will be seeing an entirely different side of the werewolves this upcoming fifth season. What it is that we will be seeing, we don’t know, the show doesn’t really follow the books anymore so we really don’t have much to go on. But something we do have is casting news! A few werewolf characters have been added; check out the current list of newbie wolves below.

Rikki (played by actress Kelly Overton)
According to reports, this is a major recurring role, Rikki is a dirty, but beautiful werewolf who demands to know what has happened to the recently deceased pack leader, Marcus.


J.D. (played by actor Louis Herthum)
This is another major recurring werewolf role. J.D. is said to be a large Marine-like werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader. In the books J.D. is Alcide’s father, so chances are he will be in the show as well. That’s sure to cause drama.


Annie (played by actress Dale Dickey)
Annie is the mother of dead wolfpack leader Marcus. She is powerful and respected within the pack due to her late son’s position. According to reports, Annie is determined to perform a particular ritual. As to what that ritual is, we don’t know yet, but I’m guessing it’s not good.


Danielle (played by actress Jamie Gray Hyder)
According to the casting call, this female werewolf “wonders how much longer a prisoner is going to last under interrogation.” Not sure what that means, but it sounds like she is just an extra with a few lines. IMDB says this actress will be in at least two episodes, so we will see her more than once – but that doesn’t mean she will be a big character.


Those are the new werewolves coming to Season 5 of True Blood. Casting isn’t complete yet, so it’s entirely possible that there will be more werewolves on the way. Many True Blood folks have stated that werewolves will have a bigger role this upcoming season. Joe Manganiello has also said that we will see a new side of Alcide in Season 5, so that’s something to look forward too. As for the other werewolves we already met, like Alcide’s sister Janice, there is no word on whether they will return or not.

What do you think about the increase of werewolf characters? Are you looking forward to a more werewolf driven storyline, or have you given up on the wolves of True Blood?

– Moonlight

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  1. Why again does everyone keep posting about movies and comics? Did I miss something MoonLight? Oh any way i have a crush on Taylor Lautner! and its Were Wolves MJ Rivera.
    Hey MoonLight, Do you by any chance know any movies with Taylor Lautner EXCEPT Twilght?

    1. This website covers everything about werewolves – that means movies, comics, TV shows, history, folklore… etc.
      Why don’t you go onto IMDB.com and look up Taylor to find out about his movies. Also, please stay on topic, this post has nothing to do with Taylor or Twilight.

  2. What rumors? There are only articles about Alcide. I wouldn’t trust any TB ramblings. They say one thing on the articles, or the actors own mouth, and turns to something completely opposite of what they say’s gonna happen in the show. Given up on TB wolves? Hell. I wish they never existed on the show.

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