‘Lost Tapes’ Season 2 Coming Soon to DVD

Not too long ago one of my fantastic readers recommended a show titled Lost Tapes to me and I finally got a chance to look into it. I learned that not only does this show feature an assortment of supernatural beasties (including werewolves) but that season two is coming out on DVD in a few months! Yay!

For those that haven’t heard of the show, it is a mockumentary that presents fictional found footage depicting horrifying encounters with cryptozoological and supernatural creatures. The show features episodes about things like the Chupacabra, Bigfoot, werewolves, vampires, aliens and much much more. Lost Tapes airs on Animal Planet which means that on top of being a great horror show, it’s also educational since every episode is packed full of interesting animal facts.

Anyway, in season 2, which will be available on DVD September 6, 2011, there’s a terrifying werewolf episode. Check out the plot description:

“A young documentary director follows the search for an animalistic serial killer. When he is allowed to ride along with the lead detectives on the case, the discovery of a new suspect launches the investigation into a terrifying new direction.”

You can find more information about this show on the official Lost Tapes website. The site has an assortment of goodies on it too – you can check out creature profiles, do quizzes, look at top 10’s, see expert interviews and more.

Have any of you seen this show? If so, what did you think? I haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, but it definitely looks like it could be good. Should I give it a shot?

Also, I feel that I should add this: If you do check out the show just keep in mind that it’s all fake. They purposely make it look like it is real, but in reality it’s a fictional show.

– Moonlight

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  1. I love this show. Truly scary, even though sometimes I don’t like it because the monsters just look . . . plastic.

  2. I feel compelled to mention that I’ve actually seen the werewolf episode before (serendipity brought me to the SyFy channel while searching for background noise and guess what episode happened to be on!). I must say that, having seen a number of the ‘Lost Tapes’ episodes, the werewolf one is relatively entertaining. I mean, it’s incredibly predictable, but I found it more amusing than most of the episodes, as it moved at a good pace in comparison to the Monster of Monterey Bay and the Lizardman episodes (the latter of which was also really predictable). The only other one that’s actually managed to stick with me was the vampire one, but it tapped into my childhood fear of things coming out of my closet! (My bed faces the attic door for lack of room–it was a perfectly understandible fear for me! XD)

    In short, it’s worth looking up for a few minutes of entertainment.

  3. The werewolf episode is the only one I’ve seen, I found it while searching for werewolf shows on the DVR. This show is definitely cheesy, I’ll give it that. But it was also pretty entertaining. Still I don’t think I’ll be hunting down any other episodes, unless they did one on the Wendigo or something.

    1. Oh, They already have!! :D
      I saw it on TV almost half a year back and I remember it scaring the hell out of me, no matter how cheesy it was! If your okay with it giving off undertones about Cannibalism, check it out.

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