Lost Girl

Hey there werewolf fans, if you’re looking for a werewolf show that’s a little more grown up than The Vampire Diaries and The Gates then you’re in luck. Lost Girl, a new Canadian show, aired this past week and it’s definitely directed towards adults, and not tweens.

Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress Bo, a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. Growing up with human parents, Bo had no reason to believe she was anything other than the girl next door — until she drained her boyfriend to death in their first sexual encounter. Now she has hit the road alone and afraid. She discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them secretly and in different ways, as they have for millennia.
Relieved yet horrified to find out that she is not alone, Bo decides to take the middle path between the humans and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin. With the help of her human sidekick, Kenzi, and Dyson, a sexy police detective, Bo takes on a challenge every week helping a Fae or human client who comes to her to solve a mystery, or to right a wrong.

You may have noticed that the description fails to mention any werewolves, but Dyson, that sexy police detective, has a secret of his own. Dyson is actually an ancient wolf warrior who recently returned from going rogue. This powerful and stubborn being is working undercover for his fellow Fae as a “human” police detective. Apparently Bo doesn’t help Dyson out much, instead she just adds to his troubles and complicates his life in more ways than one.

I have yet to see an episode of this show, so if you guys have seen it let me know what you think. Is Dyson really a werewolf, or is the show just portraying him as one?

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  1. I was wondering if that was what he was, in a promo I saw for the show there is kind of a werewolfish shadow sillouette and he definitely bared his fangs in a near fight in the opening episode showing he is not human. He also recoveres quickly which is pretty staple with werewolf healing and everything. But all this Fae stuff might mean he is something else. To me fae were like elves, the Sidhe and such, not werewolves or even succubus which are demons from Judaism belief I think, but they are fae in this show.
    Jury’s out for me on whether I like the series on the whole yet though.

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