Lost Girl Season 2 Out Now

YAY! Lost Girl Season 2 is out today in the U.S. Hurray for us American fans! What makes this news even better is that the DVD and Blu-ray are uncut, which means we’re getting the original footage full of all the goodies, not the lame SyFy version that cuts certain things out. Check out the details below.


“Bo is back, and she’s ready for action! As always, her mortal bestie Kenzi is along for the ride, eager to add a human touch to Bo s supernatural existence. The new season gets off to a bang as the Succubus finds herself navigating a web of seduction between Dyson, Lauren, and a dark fae she just can’t resist. As if Bo’s hands weren’t already full, There is a new Ash in town and he has his own agenda for Bo. Throw in some shocking revelations by Trick, a new boy toy for Kenzi, a Fae-devouring beast with fiery wings, and it’s enough to make any girl head straight for the spa. But Bo’s not just any girl. She’s a Succubus to be reckoned with, and juggling the romantic entanglements of a modern woman while saving the Fae world from fire and brimstone is what she does best.”

Bonus features:

  • Uncut – featuring footage not seen on SYFY
  • 60 minutes of extras featuring cast interviews, Making of Lost Girl featurettes, and bloopers

I want it!

For those new to Lost Girl, yes, there is in fact a werewolf character – the wonderfully sexy Dyson.

I love Lost Girl and can’t wait to pick this up. I am also super geeked for Season 3 (which they just finished filming).

Any other Lost Girl fans here?

– Moonlight

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