Lost Girl Renewed for a Faetastic Fourth Season


More Lost Girl is coming! Midway through its sexy third season, Showcase has renewed the hit show for a fourth season! Boasting awesome ratings, the Canadian original series begins production on season four this spring, set to air late 2013. That means that SyFy will also be seeing a fourth season of Lost Girl! Yay!

“Lost Girl remains an anchor series for Showcase, and with its sharp writing and palpable cast chemistry, it has amassed a fan following second-to-none,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice President, Content, Shaw Media.  “We are delighted to bring fans another season of the series and can’t wait to see where the creative team takes the story next.”

“Bo’s world is going to be turned upside down. Her beliefs will be challenged and her allegiances will be questioned. Fans can look forward to a roller coaster ride,” said Jay Firestone, Executive Producer, Prodigy Pictures.

I am a HUGE Lost Girl fan, so I am beyond excited for another season! How about you? Any other Lost Girl Fans here?

Show description:

“Lost Girl” follows supernatural seductress Bo (played by Anna Silk of “Being Erica,” “Billable Hours”), a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy of humans. Growing up with human parents, Bo has no reason to believe she’s anything other than the girl next door – until she drains her boyfriend to death in their first sexual encounter. Once she hits the road, Bo discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore, who pass as humans while feeding off them secretly, as they have for millennia. Relieved yet horrified to find out that she is not alone, Bo is faced with choosing an allegiance between the Dark and Light Fae clans. Bo decides to take the middle path between the humans and the Fae while embarking on a personal mission to unlock the secrets of her origin. With the help of her human sidekick, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo of “Black Swan,” “Life Unexpected”), Bo takes on a challenge every week helping a Fae or human client who comes to her to solve a mystery, or to right a wrong. Already in a love triangle with Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried of “Ben Hur,” “The Bridge,” “The Tudors”), a sexy Fae working as a human police detective, and the beautiful human scientist, Lauren (Zoie Palmer of “The Guard,” “Instant Star”) who works for the Fae, Bo’s love life is about to get even more complicated.

– Moonlight

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