Look Forward to Some ‘Skin’

Sorry guys, it’s not that type of skin, but just as good. A new werewolf movie! Well, maybe. Spoke Lane Entertainment and Mike the Pike Productions have acquired film rights to George R.R. Martin’s werewolf novella “The Skin Trade.” So there’s no movie yet and there probably won’t be for a long while, but hey, there’s the possibility of a new werewolf flick or TV series.

According Mike the Pike’s website:

THE SKIN TRADE is set in a small town where a private detective investigates murders by a mysterious killer who takes his victims’ skins, and proves to be preying on lycanthropes. “This is a fantastic step up for the motion picture division of our company,” Newbauer says. “We began discussions on this property almost two years ago with the foresight that vampires and werewolves would be the forthcoming trend. We can’t take full credit on this at risk of being boastful, but the timing couldn’t be better for this project. That said, the appeal is that it is timeless in form, with a Gothic detective story with a hint of the supernatural. We think this story would make an excellent miniseries, movie of the week or studio, mini-major or independent feature, and we’ll be aggressively shopping all angles.

“The Skin Trade,” was first featured in “Night Visions V,” a compilation of horror stories written by the some of the genre’s greatest authors, including headliner Stephen King.

On top of a film adaptation, Mike the Pike Productions also gave us werewolf fans a little more to look forward to:

In addition to the feature adaptation, THE SKIN TRADE is also being turned into a comic-book miniseries/graphic novel by Avatar Press, with Daniel Abraham scripting the adaptation and Marek Oleksicki pencilling the art.

So not only are we getting a new werewolf film, but a graphic novel as well! Awesome!

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