Lone Wolf: An Artistic Addition to Werewolf Gaming

That’s right boys and girls, we’ve got a new werewolf video game to look forward to. Hurray! Brad Nelson is currently working on a video game for the werewolf lovers, and the hand-drawn beauty is something you’ve never seen before.

“Lone Wolf is an upcoming beat-em up role playing game featuring a martial artist who stumbles across a secret in a post apocalyptic wasteland that allows him to change into a werewolf.  The gameplay is an homage to the late 80′s and early 90′s beat-em up games and boasts high resolution comic book style hand drawn character animations set in a 3D environment.”

In a comment left on Werewolf-News.com Nelson added, “… let me just clarify a few things on the development of the game, we are working in Unity which is a cross platform engine, so it will be on PC and Mac to start, if it does well we’ll work on versions for the consoles and cell phone platforms. Everything is hand drawn and yes more characters and terrains are on the way, right now we are in more of an alpha phase focusing on gameplay and features. By the time the game is released there should be plenty of variety to keep everyone busy for the first episode…”

I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty geeked for this game. First off, it has werewolves in it – win! And second, it is full of incredible artwork which is a huge plus, because if I’m going to be staring at a game for hours then I want it to look good.

The game won’t be released until either late 2010 or early 2011, but you can preorder it now.

Make sure to check of the Lone Wolf website for more information on the game, videos and more.

And of course, leave a comment let us know what you think of this upcoming game.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! I check this site often so it is great to see our game on here, I’ll make sure to keep you informed of updates, but please keep checking our website and other social networking pages to keep up to speed. Thanks again for the support!

  2. If you are a pre-order customer you can now play the game in it’s current alpha state! If you haven’t pre-ordered now would be the time to do it! Please check out the website for details!

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