Lobos de Arga (Party of Wolves) Coming Soon!

We love our werewolf movies over here, and there’s a new one coming out of Spain very shortly; according to new information on the web, filming and production are wrapping up. Which means that it’ll be out there in the world that much faster! Because god knows, we have to wait forever to get foreign horror movies. This one is written and directed by Juan Martínez Moreno, who’s had a fair amount of experience in the film industry… but the only decent film it looks like he’s worked on is “Un Buen Hombre”, which falls into the suspense genre, —all his other projects, written or directed, look like B-movies, and none of them are horror. I’m a little worried about this movie, but I love werewolves, so I’ll give it a shot.

In the meantime, it would be great to find out what it’s about! Fangoria Online reports on the new werewolf movie to arrive from Spain soon:

Lycanthropes have made only intermittent appearances in Spanish cinema ever since the glory days of Paul Naschy, but a new werewolfilm has been rolling in Madrid and Galicia, and some pics have emerged.

Screen Daily reports that shooting is close to wrapping on LOBOS DE ARGA (a.k.a. PARTY OF WOLVES), a horror/comedy about a failed writer who returns to his hometown, and realizes he has been summoned there to be sacrificed in order to break his family’s 100-year-old werewolf curse. The film was written and is being directed by Juan Martínez Moreno, and stars Carlos Areces, Mabel Rivera, Secun de la Rosa, Manuel Manquiña, Luis Zahera and Gorka Otxoa; Vaca Films and Telespan 2000 are producing. Aullidos ran a first set of photos…

We have a couple smaller versions of the photos run by Aullidos, but click the link above to find more pictures on Fangoria. Okay, now, I have a not so nice opinion about this werewolf movie coming out of Spain, –here goes: I think the writer/director has done a lot of really crappy, lame movies in the past, and is seeking to gain some fame and immediate recognition by dipping into the werewolf/supernatural teen movie genre. Which is all well and good, but I’d rather see people make films that they were actually into, or gave a shit about. I know, I’m so naive… Hopefully the film will turn out good anyway.


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