Little Women & Werewolves

pride-prejudice-zombiesFirst there was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I admit it, I rebelled. I still haven’t read it because, well, –zombies just aren’t my thing, and I didn’t want to see the beautiful Austen world overrun with zombies. But I admit I’m thawing. Next in the list of classic literature mash-ups, is another Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. In this novel mash-up, giant lobsters, and giant two-headed sea serpents are on the rampage; which strikes me as a particularly clever combination since at no point whatsoever in this novel, is anyone even near the seaside, or on a boat, or anything like that. I know, I know, –I should read it before I get skeptical, but aren’t there any Austen fans out there screaming for this insanity to end? I’m thawing, thawing, –but still sort of cold on the subject.

sense-sensibility-sea-monstersAny offended Austen fans can breathe easy, however, because Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of these clever little re-contributions to literature, has now aimed his biting wit at political thrillers, with his latest project: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Well, sure, you know, why not? I can’t help but wonder if the Confederacy is supposed to be the vampires, or vampire allies, or are we just going in some other direction here altogether? Politics lovers beware, vampires are everywhere! It should be fascinating, and especially interesting to see people get offended. If I was offended temporarily by the Austen mash-ups, surely someone out there has something to say about Abe Lincoln hunting vampires.

So guess what’s next in this interesting trend that’s taken classic literature to a new level… and you know, twisted it? I’ll give you a hint. The publishers, Del Rey Books (not exactly small fry in the publishing world), have this to say on their newest purchase:

LittleWomen“In this retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s classic, the beloved little women must keep not just the wolf, but the werewolves, from the door … and the kindly old gentlemen next door and his grandson may have some secrets to hide-or share with the March girls.”

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you obviously never read Little Women, –and they’re adding werewolves to the story! Well, not “they”, but him, Porter Grand. Woo, because werewolves rock our socks! I can’t wait for the book, and I promise, as soon as it comes out, you guys will hear my opinion first. I might even break down and read the other two books.


  1. LOL, Laina I was thinking the same. XD

    I wasn’t offended by the Austen mash-ups just confused as to who would actually think up something like that, lol. I may read them one day. The Abe Lincoln one sounds like a hoot! I can’t wait to see the political bigots that’ll get their feathers ruffled over it. I’m also getting a Red Riding Hood feel from the Little Women mash-up… very very interesting.

  2. The author of LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES is a woman. And we all know that means the book will be done much better than the others. LOL! Seriously, though, this mash-up is true to Alcott’s plot, characterization and themes — and to werewolves. It is being marketing as the original version of the story, with the one we know being the result of Victorian male editors’ ideas of what was suitable for women to read. And the cover and illustrations are fantastic!

  3. There are so many original books out there by authors who have been working their butts off writing new stories, and publishers are buying this crap? Yawn. I’m bored already. Find a great new author with some ideas of his or her own.

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