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Little Werewolf on the Prairie

I grew up watching LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, because my mom watched it. I don’t remember too much about it, because I was too young, but I do know that every Monday night (I think it always aired on Monday) we’d watch it. I saw some of the shows in syndication when I was a little older, but I still don’t remember a lot of what happened. Appropriately enough, and unsurprisingly, the shows that stuck in my child’s mind were a pair of Horror-tinged episodes. I recall the one where little Laura Ingalls saw through a window Mr. Olsen, who owned the mercantile store in town, cut off bitchy Mrs. Olsen’s head with a sword. (It turned out to have been a mannequin he decapitated.) And I remember “The Werewolf of Walnut Grove.” I actually remember that one from when it first aired in 1980.

Laura’s adopted brother Albert, and pretty much everybody else at the school, was on the receiving end of the attentions of a bully. To scare the bully away, they concocted a scheme to convince the bully that Albert was a werewolf. Of course it was something of an homage, since series creator and star Michael Landon had played a werewolf himself, in 1957’s I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF. The werewolf makeup for that episode of the TV series wasn’t exactly on the level of the aforementioned movie, but it was a treat for me as a little boy to see a monster, even a fake one, show up in such an unexpected place.

The Evil Cheezman • August 22, 2019

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