Lions, and Parents, and Teens, Oh My! – Curse of the King, by Omari Pye

“…while ‘Ginger Snaps’ used werewolves as a metaphor for adolescence it stuck too close to traditional werewolf mythology.”

I have trouble with accepting any criticism of Ginger Snaps; I like that it stayed close to the traditional werewolf mythos, and didn’t adopt any bells or whistles. But!

I do like the idea of were-lions, –the book not only incorporates folkloric tradition, a coming-of-age storyline, –but also brings into the mix an understanding of the biology and attitude of how lions function in nature and in their own societies, whereas wolves and werewolves are rarely examined as a species or in their social nature, in other books. I wouldn’t miss this book; has anyone else read it?

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