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Lindsay Lohan’s Werewolf Arriving in March

Lindsay Lohan has done a werewolf movie. Since it has a werewolf in it I guess I ought to report on it. Hell, it might by some miracle end up being good. I actually kinda liked I KNOW WHO KILLED ME; the plot was fairly interesting, once I was able to divorce myself from Ms. Lohan’s stoned-out-of-her-gourd-in-every-scene-she-was-in performance. Maybe it would be better to say I found the concept, that of stigmatic twins, interesting. Anyway, you can watch the trailer for the Lindsay Lohan werewolf joint here.
It will be available on VOD by the time you read this.

I ask myself, if Lindsay Lohan weren’t involved in this, if it was some other actress, would I find it as unappealing? Am I prejudiced against it simply because she’s the star? In all honesty, I think I would think it looks stupid regardless of who was starring in it. It just doesn’t look that promising. I watched the trailer. I didn’t see a werewolf. I looked at the posters. I saw Lindsay Lohan displayed front and center in what was meant to be a sexual manner. This would suggest to me that Lohan’s body is the selling point here, not the story and not the monster. Prove me wrong, Lindsay.

The Evil Cheezman • March 14, 2019

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