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Le Loup Garou

There are far more werewolf legends and folklore than anyone is able to count. But there is one that is so cool that it even got its own stamp made in its honor. That werewolf is the Le Loup Garou. The Le Loup Garou werewolf is a werewolf myth that comes from French Canadian folklore but it’s also widely known throughout Europe.

Just like other werewolves, the Le Loup Garou werewolf was once a human before being turned into a werewolf. However, they were turned for a very specific reason. A human would be turned into a Le Loup Garou if he had failed to meet his religious Easterly duties for seven years in a row. While these sinning humans would usually be turned into wolf form, they could also take on other forms such as a calf, ox, pig, or cat. Sometimes a human being turned into a Le Loup Garou would even take on the form of an owl!

Once turned, the Le Loup Garou would then be forced to wander the countryside alone for the rest of their lives, unless….There was one cure for a Le Loup Garou. This was if someone that the Loup Garou knew during their human life were to see them in their wolf (or other) form. The human would have to be able to recognize the Loup Garou in their new form and be able to draw blood from them. This was the only cure for the Loup Garou. And if it were to take place, neither person could ever speak of it to anyone, or else they would also be turned into a Loup Garou.

The Le Loup Garou is so cool and so widely known in the French parts of Canada that the Canadian government even made a stamp commemorating the myth. The stamp shows a gorgeous wolf that seems to blend into the eerie surroundings around him. And he’s standing in front of a glowing full moon, of course.

– Kate

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kate • January 19, 2010

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