Latest Werewolf Video Game: Wolf Team

Wolf Team 1Good news for all you werewolf gamers out there, Softnyx has released a new werewolf video game called Wolf Team. It’s a free-to-play first person shooter that lets the players transform between playing as a human or playing as a werewolf. This new game has seven different game modes so players get the chance to explore the advantages of either human or werewolf form.

In the game you have the big firepower for humans. There’s a large assortment of weaponry that includes old age weapons to modern guns and even some special high tech goodies. Each bit of weaponry has its own kickass ability which you can check out here.

Then you also have a werewolf form you can battle in. Wolf form means you’ll be fighting with claws and fangs, as well as some other supernatural abilities. The cool thing about this game is it’s not just the human form that gives you a lot of fighting options, but in wolf form you can choose what kind of wolf you want to be. There is a long list of choices like Power Wolf, Ghost Wolf, Guardian Wolf, Berserker Wolf… etc. The list goes on to give you some awesome options. The different forms boast different in Ghost Wolf form you have the power to turn invisible while in Smart Wolf form you can drain HP. Here’s the full wolf list (click the “Wolf” tab).

The game’s story is that they have found that a number of people have a similar base arrangement to that of wolves; these people and their special abilities are then used by the French government who create the Wolf Team. But the bigger the Wolf Team gets the more problems there are and eventually the team gets out of control, so the French military begins to hunt them down and destroy each one by one. That’s where you come in.

Sounds like a pretty sweet game, if you’ve played it let us know what you think. If you haven’t played it give it a go, after all it’s free.

Here are some Wolf Team images for you to feast your eyes on…

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  1. this is a great game when i’m in a werewolf mood….you know they should at least make more werewolf games…don’t you think =)

  2. They do need to make more werewolf games. Werewolf games
    that are more werewolf-y. Something where you sneak up
    on peasants and rip their throats out…

    1. In fact, there was a game of Werewolf The Apocalypse in development for PC, put the project ended up dying in the middle of production unfortunately. But in the game, you could turn into a werewolf and do a little chaos in the big city and other ambients.

  3. i played this game and im a staff seargant (sorry if im wrong speled)

    i think they should make a wolfteam game in ps3 or something…

    or i think they shud umm. u know. umm. make another wolf?



    fire wolf?

  4. Mike (B) I’ve dream a lot as or becomming a werewolve !!!! There something about a full moon that gives me a chill ? I see things in a differnt way? Clearer,spirtural,being free.I’am a night person! Deep inside I feel like a werewolve! Sometimes I wake myself up growing in my sleep! Yes,l would like to become a werewolve??? Or maybe I am,allready,and need to let loose??????

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