Kris Holden-Ried Chats About His Two Werewolf Roles

Kris Holden-Ried plays the role of a wolf shapeshifter in the amazing show Lost Girl, and he plays a new breed of lycan in the upcoming film Underworld: Awakening. I’m pretty sure this makes him the coolest actor ever. Kris recently did an interview with SFX magazine on his two current roles, chatting about the sexiness of Lost Girl and the badassery of Underworld. Check it out:

For those of you new to Lost Girl (tsk tsk!) it’s a fantastic show currently in its second season that follows Bo, a succubus, on all of her Fae adventures and mishaps. Kris Holden-Ried plays Dyson, a cop and werewolf, who helps Bo out. Since the show is so sexy, Dyson is shirtless in it quite a bit, so of course the interviewer had to ask him about those shirtless scenes.

“Ha ha. It’s something we have to do, you know? Women show their cleavage and men have to show their bodies once in a while,” said Kris.

He added, “Yeah, you get used to it. The biggest problem for me was actually in that flashback episode. I injured my back and I couldn’t really do any physical stuff or work out, so I was a little bit limited in what I could show on the show. But now, on the next episode coming up that we’re filming I’m shirtless a lot again, so I’m hitting in the gym.

“Last year it worked out actually worked out really well, because I had to prepare for Quint in Underworld in January, February, so when I started Lost Girl season two in May, I was actually in great shape from Underworld.”

Which brings us to Underworld: Awakening, which hits theaters January 20, 2012. When asked about his role in the film, he replied, “Quint is a sort of new breed werewolf. When Selene wakes up, she’s been in cryo for however many years, and the world has changed around her. I’m part of the new breed of her old foe. I’m guess I’m the bad guy in the movie. But what I like about the Underworld movies that the werewolves aren’t really the bad guys. They’re just one of two different species struggling to survive.”

I wonder what’s new about him? Bigger, badder lycans perhaps? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now, as much as I love hearing about Dyson’s body and new lycan breeds, I have to admit that my favorite question in the interview was – Who would you put your money on in a fight between Bo from Lost Girl and Selene from Underworld?

Kris answered, “That’s a tough question. I would kinda hope it would end up in a tie and some sort of sexy PVC clad love scene would ensue. Make them lovers not fighters.”

I agree! That would be the hottest sex scene EVER!

This interview makes me adore Kris even more. Any Lost Girl fans here? Anyone excited about Underworld: Awakening? Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think:

– Moonlight

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  1. I hope I’m not the only one who remembers what happened at the end of Underworld 2.

    With the death of the original vampire and werewolf, Selene and Michael were both cured, along with every other vampire/werewolf in the world. The bloodlines were broken, so how did she become a vampire again? Much less how did this massive war begin?


    1. Um… that’s not what happened. They weren’t cured, she was still a vampire, just stronger and impervious to sunlight because she drank Alexander Corvinus’ blood. I think you may be confusing this movie with other movies :)

      As for the massive war, well, you’ll have to watch the movie when it comes out. That’s something that we don’t know until we see it.

  2. I love Lost girl but it sucks I’m not Canadian so I can’t watch the episodes when they air I’m totally caught up on the first season does anyone know how I can watch the new season oh and I totally hope underworld awakening is amazing so they make more and this is the first we really get to see super Selene whoop some ass but kris better fuck her up as a Bodybuilding werewolf first

  3. As much as I enjoy Underworld I really think they need to stop making the movies at least make a series if the story line is going to continue because every time they keep making sequels to movies the plots and ideas get even more stupid can’t wait to see the movie but the premise is just really corny.

  4. I don’t get Canadian shows here either so would have to find them in other places to watch.

    As for the Underworld series, the first is okay, you knew they hinted at a sequel at the end. I can see why White Wolf had a cow and saw a rip off of their World of Darkness game. It’s the second Underworld that I like the least. Rise of the Lycans was pretty good for a prequel movie and I thought it was good. With this newest one, I’ll wait and see it when it comes, then make up more of mind. It could be like the 2nd one or it could be like the 1st and 3rd ones that are good.

    And if they weren’t bringing in enough money, there wouldn’t be sequels. There must be enough of a strong audience base who has enjoyed the series to warrant further movies.

  5. Let me guess, Dyson transforms at will into a beautiful fluffy wolf-dog with photoshopped in red or gold eyes and then prances about while everyone oohs and awes over his glamorous wolfiness?

    Give me the Underworld Lycans over that paranormal romance garbage any day. Even the terrible CGI one.

    1. He transforms into a badass wolf, and honestly, we don’t see him transform often at all. We see his half human half wolf form more often.

        1. Wolves are better than trolls.

          If every show/movie showed of the same exact type of werewolf, that would be boring. There’s nothing wrong with a show having a werewolf look like a wolf. Also, most shows do go with wolves simply because real wolves are cheaper than CGI.

          And now I’m done feeding the troll.

  6. I saw the movie yesterday and I had rather mixed feelings about the film. The story quality didn’t really progress from the three previous films.

    I liked that they gave the humans some credit in this whole “war” but it is weird that they suddenly became such a threat and the vampires so helpless.

    It was good that they depicted the Lycans as actually smart (unlike in the second movie when it was revealed that they didn’t invent these “sun-bullets”) but they only show this when they are in human or part human form, when in full Lycan form they seem to loose this. I mean they run into traps, open fire and drop dead like flies again. Considered what happened the last 12 years in the movied you would think that only the smartest of them survived.

    Also we never, again, saw a female one. Sure there were women but none was ever confirmed to be a Lycan, not even hinted in fact, and so they could have been humans just as well.

    Also whenever they want to be more powerful, they have to become more physically powerful. But with what end I ask. I mean they already were more physically powerful than the vampires in the other three movies and it didn’t do them any good. The vampires basically won in 3 out of 4 movies because they were smart and not strong.

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