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Krampus Tiki and a TWIN PEAKS Ugly Christmas Sweater

I’ve said before to my friends and family that they ought to thank me, as I am the easiest human being on the planet to shop for. Collectors and geeks in general are supremely easy to buy gifts for, and a collector geek of multiple interests, such as me, is even easier again. If one knows anything about me at all, one could pick a present that I am guaranteed to love without having to do much looking. Here are a couple of examples, as different as, well, a tiki mug and a sweater, yet I would love to unwrap either on Christmas morning. (Hint! Hint!)

Isn’t that Krampus mug adorable? They’re a tad expensive, but each one stands seven-inches tall and each is made by hand, so it’s understandable. The TWIN PEAKS ugly Christmas sweater is actually a little disappointing in that it isn’t quite ugly enough. Where stitched into the pattern are the likenesses of Demon BOB and the Evolution of the Arm brain-tree? (Is that him, above the left pocket area? The design is small, so it’s hard to tell.) Still, it’s a TWIN PEAKS ugly Christmas sweater, so that’s enough to give it cred in my eyes. I wear a 2X, by the way.

The Evil Cheezman • December 25, 2018

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