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Krampus Returns

Consider the headline for this article to be the title for the movie I desperately wish Michael Dougherty would make, a sequel to his wonderful KRAMPUS of 2015. Alas, he’s too busy these days with Godzilla. (Not that I don’t want him to be busy with Godzilla. I just want him to do Godzilla *and* then another Krampus movie.) But no, it isn’t a movie, unfortunately, merely a comment on the annual emergence of our hirsute horned hero. As Halloween season passes, fellow Horror fans, don’t be sad. Don’t look at it as losing a Halloween. Look at it as gaining a Krampus! As surely as Santa Claus starts showing up everywhere this time of year, every year, more and more we are seeing Krampus, too. And this is a good thing, a very good thing.

This article here is from last year, but it features some awesome photos of different incarnations of Krampus, as imagined and embodied by his helpers. (Remember how your parents always told you that every cheap dime store Santa impersonator was one of “Santa’s helpers”? Same deal here.) I so wish there was a Krampus parade taking place this December somewhere within driving distance for me.

Apologies to any of you out there who might not like Krampus, because you’re going to be hearing a lot about him over the next month, both here and elsewhere. It’s beginning to look at lot like…Krampus!

The Evil Cheezman • December 2, 2018

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