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Klavan’s Werewolf Thriller Doesn’t Deliver Much Respect for Women

Andrew Klavan’s werewolf tale bounds along at a thrilling pace, but its treatment of women and its repetitive tics dull what could have been a sharp narrative bite.

The story sounds good, –we reported on an interview with the author a little while ago. And I said I would still read the book, despite the author’s narrow-minded and arrogant opinion on what are the “only two” good werewolf movies; the old Wolfman and An American Werewolf in London. Sorry dude, there are more werewolf movies out there that are good. And FYI, wait to go with the two most obvious choices you could think of. I also challenge this perspective that the scariest thing about werewolves is being one. Sorry, but the scariest thing about werewolves, is being chased around and then eaten by one. 

Anyway, apparently, his take on women in equally arrogant; the wife is pure, the mistress is a whore, the woman who knows about werewolves is an ugly old hag who repeatedly issues a “Germanic shrug” –a phrase used more than once, when… once was all that was necessary,  his boss is the annoying matron character… Apparently, his prose is repetitive in other ways as well. I still -might- read it, but I’m not half as enthused as I was before. 

source: www.winnipegfreepress.com

annimi • April 1, 2015

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