Killer Instinct Revival Coming to Xbox One

Hey gamers and fellow 90s kids! Remember the 90s fighting game Killer Instinct? It was the one that had Sabrewulf, the badass werewolf. Well it was just announced at E3 that Double Helix is reviving the game and it’s going to be a launch title for the Xbox One! The new system is opening with a werewolf! Woo!

From Double Helix’s blog:

“The announcement showcased three completely redesigned characters already familiar to fans of the franchise. Jago, clad in shredded tapestries and ropes that evoke his monastic background, went head to head with an all new Sabrewulf, bristling with hypodermics, but free of the cybernetic augmentation he sported in past installments. Also making an appearance was Glacius, the cold-blooded alien who can create deadly constructs of water and ice.”

Check out some screencaps:



In a recent interview, Microsoft producer Torin Rettig described the updated Sabrewulf:

”    …Sabrewulf is a man and beast in constant conflict with each other. If you look at Sabrewulf, he’s got like the torn jeans and everything, but if you look at his idle animations, he’s got a twitch. He’s basically a mad scientist trying to cure himself.”

Check out some gameplay footage of Sabrewulf kicking ass:

Looks amazing! I love when fighting games have awesome characters and Killer Instinct does thanks to its werewolf.

For those of you who can’t remember Sabrewulf, he has been afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy and is told that if he wins the tournament he will get the cure for his disease.

What do you guys think of the new Killer Instinct and the new Sabrewulf?

– Moonlight

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