Kate Beckinsale returns for Underworld 4!

That’s right Underworld fans! Kate Beckinsale has confirmed that she is returning to her role as death dealer vampire, Selene. After her unbelievably sexy roles in Underworld and Underworld Evolution she opted out of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. But Underworld 4 is a whole other story! She originally said that she would never do Underworld 4, but she has changed her mind. Hurray!

Underworld 4 begins shooting in March and is said to be released in January 2012. Sources say that there is a big surprise in the upcoming film. But, the script hasn’t even been completed yet, so I’m not sure how reliable these sources are. Before I share the juicy rumor, let have a quick Underworld refresher.


Lycans were once enslaved by the vampires, who used them as slaves and guardians of their lairs during the daylight hours. However, Lucian, the lycan leader, lead a revolt and freed his kind after Viktor killed his own daughter (who was pregnant with Lucian‘s lycan baby). Vampires and lycans have been at war ever since. Fast forward to modern day, where Lucian performs experiments on people in hopes of creating a vampire/werewolf hybrid.  Cue Michael Corvin! Lucian, with the help of Selene, succeeded in turning Michael into a hybrid. Selene and Michael fall in love of course, and well, you guys know the rest.

Now on to the Underworld 4 rumor, and it’s just that, nothing but a rumor that is going around the web. People are saying the big surprise coming in the fourth movie is a baby. Yeah, they think that Selene and Michael are going to have a baby. But no one knows for sure, that would be a hell of a surprise though. Personally, I don’t see a baby fitting into the badass story.

But what do you guys think? Can you picture a leather-covered Kate Beckinsale pregnant with a werewolf/vampire baby?

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  1. Wouldn’t want to have to change the diapers of a baby bloodsucker who turns all wolfy everytime he/she cries or gets upset!

  2. I dont think it’s just the fact that it would be a hybrid baby,cuz’ Lucian’s baby would be a hybrid itself -that’s why Viktor killed Sonya- but that it will be a super hybrid. In evolution Selene became a super vampire by drinking Alexander’s blood, she is now stronger and immune to sunlight. Now her baby (probably conceived during the sex scene in Evolution) would be a stronger hybrid, having now also the original blood. Also, I wonder the memories that where passed to Selene when she drank Alexander’s blood, I think that was a story hole?

    Anyway, what will happen now? Will Selene become the queen of the “underworld” along with king Michael? Of course there will be peace among the species. But I don’t really know what plot will this 4th installment bring.

  3. I agree with REOC. After Michael and Selene spent the night together in Evolution, you could see what the next story will be about. Maybe she will have twins. One good and one evil.

  4. Michael is right,but the whole one good/one evil is something that would seem to be onley interesting in a book not in a movie it wouldn’t be as interesting….But thats just my open-mind speeking. :[

  5. rise of the lycans was my favorite underworld movie ,i dont know if another movie is a good idea .especially if its about someones kid,it runs the risk of turning the trilogy cheesy and cliche.

  6. thats just weird if they have a baby because the baby go look all retarded its goin to go look like the chupacabrasexcept with hairy balls and then not bein able to change the diaper because his goin to fly away

  7. If there is indeed a baby, wouldn’t that kind of be buying into the whole twilight thing?
    This collection of films is one of my favourites, and I think it would be more interesting to find out what happens to Selene after she drinks Alexanders blood. I think they left a lot to think about at the end of evoloution. I’d also like to know what happens now to the vampire covens now that all their leaders are deceased and what happens to the lycans now?

  8. i actully think that a baby is a good idea cause then selene and michael could have a family its not as bad as it seems considering there are a lot e things they can do to a movie other than add a baby werewolf/vampire hybrid. twilight was right in adding a kid before bella was turned that gave her what she wanted and edward didnt keep her from ever having children!! that was the point of it duh!!

  9. A big pregnant belly certainly wouldn’t fit into Selene’s tight leather outfit,but a small one would. Therefore I think a hybrid baby is a great idea,but the baby should be born near the end of the movie. This would allow Selene to be pregnant throughout the movie(with a small(almost no) belly,like in that movie Killers with Katherine Heigl).
    So we’d see the first 3 months of her pregnancy and then they could fast forward to the birth. And I’m guessing since the baby will come from such extraordinary parents that it will be exceptional. It would be great if the kid turned out to have even more amazing powers.
    And I noticed that most people think the kid will be born a monster. I don’t think so. I think the child will look like a human at birth but will have his/her parents powers and more. The kid doesn’t have to look like a monster to be powerful and dangerous. But it would be great if it could turn (into something not too monstrous) at will/ or with a certain trigger. But they woulfd have to be careful with the trigger because it would be weird if the baby turned when he got upset/cried. Maybe they could give the child certain powers from birth but only let it be able to turn from a certain age. Being able to turn would then mean reaching his/her full potential.

    During those first months of Selene’s pregnancy we could find out the extend of Alex Corvinus’ blood on her. They could also throw in a few flashbacks to fill in whatever blanks should be filled in. And they don’t just have to expand on what we already know like they did with underworld 3. The beauty of this series is that there are a lot of centuries of which we basically don’t know anything. They could always add new things that could have happened back in the day that might be affecting the present. And all of this can be done without coming off as unrealistic IF they do it right.
    The possibilities are endless.

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