Just One More Way to Become a Werewolf

It’s always fun to read about the different ways there are to become a werewolf and, if ¬†you’re a real enthusiast, to even give some of the many theories a shot yourself. I don’t know if you’ll want to be the guinea pig for this one, it involves inhaling substances that will do lord knows what to you, in the hopes that it will do something wonderfully grotesque to you. And whether or not it will actually turn you into a werewolf, who knows? But you’ll certainly think you’re one.

Ever heard of the plant Belladonna, also known as Nightshade? This is the main ingredient in a potion that is thought to turn regular people into werewolves. Or at least, think that they’re werewolves and act like werewolves. What Belladonna actually does is give one hallucinations that make one think that they’re a werewolf. This belief will run so deep while under the effects of the ointment, that one can start thrashing around and behaving as a werewolf.

The accidental inhaling of a potion from Belladonna or contact with the ointment might just be the reason behind some of the werewolf ‘sightings.’ Certainly this couldn’t be the case in every instance, especially those where close interaction with a werewolf took place. But it might explain some of the stories where people saw ‘the wolf from a distance’ or ‘where the actions were certainly that of a werewolf.’

Or is the fact that these supposed hallucinations are the only thing the Belladonna plant is capable of doing to you, also just rumors? Will rubbing this ointment on your skin, or creating a potion from it and inhaling the vapors really make you a werewolf?

Just one more theory to throw into the mix…


  1. Hahaha! This will turn everyone into a Werewolf with such ease =P

    But thinking about it… It’s better being a real werewolf for being a druged human thinking that is a real werewolf.

    Who knows? We have crazzy peolple for any situation on this world

  2. well I guess those sightings werent really werewolves at all then huh? just some druggies that where high XD

  3. i have seen a werewolf but i want to be one but i dont know how so any body who knows please tell me because im a witch this is werid but my cat told AND IM NOT CRAZY!!!! OR IF YOU THANK IM CRAZY I WILL TRUN YOU IN A FROG AS A WITCH just jokeing.

  4. Well, Ms. anna if you wish to be a werewolf( which if you achieve, you will definatly regret ) you must go find that werewolf again and get in a fight, or at least get him to bite you. I don’t suggest this because once the venom starts running through your veins you will immediatly regret it. The agony knows no bounds. Also there is only a sliver of chance that you will make it out alive. I would hope that you would but we( werewolves ) are extremely unpredictable and we do not believe in making companions for our own selfish lonliness. Vampires make companions because they are alone or because they want to keep their race continued. Werewolves attack out of hunger and usually when we are turned it is an accident. My rebirth was an accident. It is an unseen hell that no human will umderstand until they are damned to the same fate. It saddens me to think that a human would wish this upon his/herself. I wish all of you would rethink what you want. If you have more questions, please comment.

  5. Take it easy big boy. If you are what I thinnk you are we both know that if you bite her you won’t be able to control yourself.

  6. WHOOPS. I am so so so sorry. I am really emmbaressed. I am really sorry. Well werewolves make mistakes too.

  7. Please Wolf and/or SheWolf will you bite me? I don’t care about the pain or any of the consequences i just really want to be a werewolf so will you please? I know you can’t see me right now but i am literally on me knees begging you and if that hasn’t convinced any of you two will i have to do some insane errand such as dropkick the Pope out of a window or fight a bear (That bear will be knocked down in the first round) just please give me a chance to become one of you. Just so you know, my life as a human is pretty good so you can eliminate some of the factors such as i am really bored and want some fun (I get plenty of fun) or that i am a spoiled brat that doesn’t understand the word NO (god i hate them so much) in fact compared to most people i have had a good life. So please if you ever decide to bite me i will permenantly in your debt.

    1. I am sorry, but I can’t do it. I can’t stand my own reflection now and I haven’t even turned a human yet. My life has been ruined all because some oversized dog was hungry. I understand what you are saying but if everyones life was satisfying we would never leave home. If I ever condemn any soul innocent or guilty to a hell as horrifying and agonizing as mine, geez and I thought I couldn’t look in the mirror now…I couldn’t even imagine if I did that. Sorry but I hope you understand.

  8. I have been givan a chance to become a werewolf but I must be spcific to the wish. I know alot o people who have gottan a wish and I was hoping someone could tell me how do werewolves look like, in great detail

    Please a real werewolf only! I do belive you are real, I wish your lives to be easier and understanding!

    Thank you Dan :)

  9. Well after visiting this website often for a few months I realize there may be more than one look to werewolves but I will tell you how I look. My body is large, about the size of a small grizzlies and my fur is very long and extremely thick. My body is that of a wolf and only a wolfs, it’s not human like at all. My face is wolflike and my teeth are big. Wolf tail but my paws are human, my paws have four fingers and a thumb. That’s pretty much it, but if you want more I will answer any questions.

  10. hello i am someone who does not wish to become a werewolf just cuz there awesome people who are werewolves have amazing potential i intend to use that potnetial to make this hsitty world we live the best it can possibly be im talking about helping children who starve to death third world countrys people just want to be were wolves becuz there cool and i cant say anything i think having to sacrifice a whole lot of pain to become immortal and be capable of helping billions of people i wood do it in a nanosecond

  11. i wanna become a werewolf 1 way is to sleep under the full moon with the moon shining on my face and what if i want to become a spiritual werewolf what do i have to meditate and say by the way i am from the caribbean trinidad and tobago i need help

  12. Mr.E i kno how u feel i really wanna be one to no mather wat and she wolf i wanna be one no becuz they are kewl( they r) its becuz well i have nuthing in life but my friends and i kno 2 vampires who i go to school with. i wanna be one no mtter wat happens to me and i can take the venom i have been bittin by a spitrital wolf but i was little i am strong have a BAD temper and i think im a werewolf cause in my dreams i become a werewolf. i am never cold only somtimes and i have a great sense of hearing a sense of smell. ( am i a werewolf)??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! i love meat and i love to run and my eyes turn black when i mad. so am i or not. i belive i change on full moons cause i have this sharp pain when im asleep and when i do im a werewolf. i think im a brownish color with some blcak well im not zure.


  14. okay i am a vampire, thats right lycans. and i also am assosciated with witches, which has given me insight to herbs. belladonna or “deadly nightshade” is an herb that to humans is literally deadly. a small dose of the plant is said put you into a coma or it could result in something fatal. if you are already a werewolf that is fine, but i do not understand why there are some who claim you can become a werewolf when clearly that is not a possibility. and telling obssessive humans that they can become one of you by consuming poison. no. i will tell you now being “turned” into a werewolf is not possible. and BTW guy scamp werewolves are not immortal, i am aquainted with them as well.

  15. hello listen i know that since this whole twilight thing came out there are a lot of wannabees that want to become a vampire or werewolf but i have been thinking about this life change since i was 13 yrs old i am 15 now and i have decided that i want this life. i will do whatever it takes but i cannot live my pathetic human life anymore i need this life change and i need help please if someone can help me reply

  16. wanting to have a curse. i use to want the same thing then you see it and live it and you wished it never happend.

  17. Guys there is another way to be like a half werewolf study and look it up. It is where there are 3 different ways M-shift(mental)S-shift(spiritual)P-shift(Physical)with that method you can shapeshift back its not easy to do this it might take more than a week or month but you can do it just go to google and write down p-shift into a wolf hope this helps P.S. The way of getting bitten IS a curse but this isn’t.

    1. All that is known about that flower is that it is a yellow or white flower found in the Balkans (southeastern Europe). That’s all anyone knows.

  18. shewolf, theyre fucking called hands, and not fur, hair, fur is a term used for mammal non-humanoids, stop taking acid, its obviously affecting u, and being fat is no excuse to call yourself a werewolf, walk up a few stairs.

    1. I highly suggest you stop insulting our readers. Everyone is welcome to believe whatever they like. How do you know that werewolves aren’t real? Why are you even on this site if you hate werewolves so much? Get a life kid.

  19. I know how you pepole feel please if you pepole have the hearts to do this please tell me i want to be a werewolf please help me

  20. Hello, I believe there are real werewolves, I’ve seen one with my own eyes, but it was’nt on two legs, it was a guy who turned into a wolf. It was amazing! I wish I could do that… being able toturn into a wolf whenever I want, that would be nice, I want this, I know I won’t regret it…

  21. I am wondering about the belladonna because it’s been growing outside my apartment recently and keeps popping up around me where ever I go…it’s kind of strange lol It’s a pretty plant :) I guess what I am wondering is does it really turn people into werewolves, is it a hallucinogenic, does it cause visions or psychic abilities, and is belladonna the plant or is it some other plant that I heard a while ago can sicken or even kill a werewolf…? O.o Just curious.

    1. Where on earth did you get the idea that I am a werewolf? Nowhere in my previous comment did I claim to be one, although I find it interesting that Belladonna aka Nightshade (a plant connected to werewolves) seems to like to spring up around me…and I love the moon, esp when it’s big, full, bright…but I don’t howl at it nor do I transform into a wolf under it’s light and go hunting. I’ve never come across any werewolves and while they’re an interesting myth/legend and the psychological “werewolf” is fascinating as well, I am not one as far as I know nor have I done anything to become one, nor have I been bitten/scratched by one as far as I know. I’m not a werewolf…as far as I know. lol

  22. If you want to be one there is a certain website that you can go on to. It will teach you how to be one, but I should warn you that you should try it. Because there is no turning back to it. If you change and want to change back again it will take time and now is the full moon. The best time to become a werewolf. I may not know much about werewolf and sorry if I have said something wrong to those who already are. Just that it takes time and is harder to the people who have changed in werewolves. Those who wish to turn while having a good life should really rethink it cause you have a good life so live that life or you will regret it for those days that you still live.

  23. please send me a lycanthropus flower so i can be one of you i live in tarlac san pablo and my mame is dolly

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