Julia Jones Will Play Leah Clearwater in Eclipse

New Moon mania has finally seemed to die down a bit and of course that means that now, we can all begin obsessing about Eclipse. I have to say that Eclipse might be one of those movies that I actually enjoy more than the book because the book I didn’t find all that fascinating. I didn’t even really care for the character of Leah Clearwater in the book. I know that Stephenie Meyer was going for the whole ‘irritating girl that saves the day’ kind of thing but, I just didn’t feel it with Leah. She was just annoying to me. But I think seeing that part played out on screen might be much better, especially when the part’s being played by Julia Jones.

Julia Jones, 28, isn’t very well known around Hollywood just yet although she’s creative in her own right and has studied at The Boston Ballet School since she was 4. She also played the role of Gigi in the 2003 movie The Look and appeared on ER for a few episodes. Understandably, there was a lot of competition for the role and a lot of young starlets desperately wanted the chance to become part of the Twilight Saga. Vanessa Hudgens, from High School Musical auditioned for the part while Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl), Jessica Lowndes (90210), and Kristen Kreuk (Smallville) were all contenders that Julia beat out for the part. Radar Online caught up with Julia before the holidays to talk about what’s surely to be her breakout role. You can check that video out here.

I’m excited to see Julia Jones take on the role as Leah Clearwater. I hadn’t heard of her before she was cast for the movie but I can definitely see her in the role of Leah. And hey, who knows, she might even make me end up liking the character a little more.

– Kate

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