Joss Whedon’s Upcoming Werewolf Flick

Joss Whedon, the brilliant man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and Dollhouse, is coming out with a brand new werewolf movie for all of us hungry fans out there. The Cabin in the Woods is the title to the upcoming 2011 horror film.  But this isn’t all Joss Whedon; he co-wrote the script with Cloverfield screenwriter Drew Goddard, who also directed the flick.

The project began filming in March 2009, and was meant to have a nice big release on February 5, 2010 but unfortunately it will now be delayed until January 14, 2011 so the film can be converted to 3D. According to MGM it will take six months to convert the movie into 3D. That means that with all that extra work us fans will have to wait another year for our movie, and to make it even worse, MGM says the response to the movie has been “phenomenal” and Cabin actor Brian White, while commenting on Joss, also said the movie was terrific.

“He’s created a new take on the “Cabin in the Woods” formula and it’s incredibly funny, it’s gory, and it’s smart. Any genre fan is going to really, really going to love this. If you’re even remotely a fan of Joss I think you’re going to love it. I hear they just did a screening, and it went down very well — he apparently hit it out of the park.”

As for the plot of The Cabin in the Woods all we really know is it’s about some college students renting a cabin in the woods like so many horror movies in the past. But this time things get twisted and shaken up a bit.

The movie sports a kickass cast, from Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), Richard Jennings (Burn After Reading), Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek), to our beloved Whedon regulars Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse) and Tom Lenk (Buffy).

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