Joe Manganiello on Vampires Vs. Werewolves

As all True Blood fans know, Joe Manganiello is the new (and very hot) werewolf Alcide. Hell yea, True Blood isn’t all about the vampires now, season three is packed full of kickass werewolves! In a recent interview he did, Joe Manganiello spoke about the classic battle between vampires and werewolves.

“As far as brute strength goes, the vampires are kind of agreed upon as being super strong, especially the ones that are thousands of years old,” Joe said. “You get into this super, ancient strength. But from there, there are werewolves that can take out vampires.”

Joe said that his very own character of Alcide Hevreaux, introduced in the True Blood episode “It Hurts Me Too,” is a werewolf that could hold his own against the vampires.

“That was important for me in creating Alcide,” said Joe. “A vampire can get away with being pale, thin and skinny but still being powerful. Werewolves have to look like animals — really big, strong animals. I wanted Alcide to be as powerfully built as possible so you would see him and think that he could take out a vampire. I think throwing him into an arena, you would have a pretty good fight between the vampires and the werewolves.”

You may be wondering about the shapeshifters, like Sam. Joe said that it all depends on the specific shifter, but for the most part they would fall somewhere behind the vampires and the werewolves – something that I’m sure Marshall and Sam would disagree with.

“Depending on the shapeshifter, they’ll come in some place afterward,” he said. “But werewolves are generally thought of as being the strongest of the shapeshifters. Probably the most egotistical, too!”

What do you think True Blood fans? Who do you think would win If the vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters all went at it?

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  1. i think that werewolves r a lot stornger than vampires because vampire r still in there human form , werewolves can transform into wolves like my sisters Cristina loves vampires and she in vampirefrecks. com and we keep battling about the werewolves and vampires so thats all i have to tell u wolf brother. werewolfdonny

  2. I don’t watch true blood, but I read the series. I think wolves rule, and werewolves are better, so take that vamps!

  3. werwolve’s are stronger than vampire’s and more psychotic than vampire’s we have a strange need too hunt even me i do it nightly we don’t walk around on two leg’s quite the contrary we run on four we look like real’y big dog’s set loose we can be kille’d by a silver bullet and we hate water we don’t shift and we hate wolfsbane we are also reple’d by garlic and the holy trinty just some basic fact’s we don’t fall in love with human’s we eat them and we also eat vampire’s i know sad existence i know we die so early in life our body’s eventuall’y give out on us

  4. whered you get that shit from im a werewolf i go to school everyday i dont kill people and i wont be dying anytime soon

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