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Jersey Devil on TV

I’ve been digging the new Travel Channel series IN SEARCH OF MONSTERS. The debut episode devoted to Sasquatch left me underwhelmed, but the one about the Loch Ness Monster was sweet, as was the one about Mothman. The latest episode focused on the Jersey Devil, and it maintained the status quo the series has established over the past two weeks. (They really should have kept scam artist Justin Smegma—sorry, Smeja—off the Bigfoot show if they’d wanted to maintain any kind of credibility.) They had a handful of witnesses who claimed to have seen the Jersey Devil on the most recent show, but I didn’t find any of them to be deliberate phonies like Smegma; one of the sightings was anything but convincing to my mind, as the young woman more or less admitted that she didn’t see anything other than a shadow, but then decided that it *must* have been the Jersey Devil she’d sighted. A second sighting was comparably infirm, but there were a couple of others that occurred in broad daylight, when the witnesses got a good look at something fitting the description of the Jersey Devil. If they were being honest, then what they saw likely *was* the Jersey Devil.

As to what the Jersey Devil really *is*, the show offered a plethora of theories but nothing more. It’s all they could offer. What do *I* think the Devil is? Descriptions of the creature line up closely with that of a pterodactyl, but I’d be more inclined to believe it is a supernatural entity. The story of its birth is probably nothing more than folklore, the stories coming together after the fact, like any true myth, to explain something already extant.

The Evil Cheezman • May 2, 2019

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