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Jacob Black’s Competition for Coolest Werewolf

Jacob Black is the hottest werewolf according to almost every American  female between the ages of 10 and 16, so, we were SO surprised when we stumbled across this article, in the San Francisco Chronicle, claiming there were werewolves cooler than Jacob Black! What is this madness!? And one of them is -barely contained snicker here- Scott Howard, –played by Michael J. Fox. Okay, all right, there are probably many movie werewolves who are cooler than Jacob Black, but Teen Wolf isn’t one of them. And he’s no where near as hot. If MJF took his shirt off and offered to let me use it, I’d probably just die of hypothermia in the road. Not to say he isn’t a great guy; he’s just not a very attractive, or cool guy.

But, the writer was spot on with a few other werewolves:

“Daniel “Oz” Osbourne (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)

Oz fights to suppress his werewolf nature, but he’s definitely not above eating baddies when necessary. He’s also the master of understated cool. [Plus, it’s frigging Seth Green! Duh!]

Ginger Fitzgerald (“Ginger Snaps”)

Where are all the lady werewolves at? Ginger’s change coincides with puberty, bringing new meaning to “hair where there was no hair before.”

Will Randall (“Wolf”)

Like Lucian, Will is made infinitely more interesting by the actor who portrays him. In this case, it’s Jack Nicholson, who’s been cool way longer than Jacob Black’s been alive.

Laurie (“Trick ‘r Treat”)

Alas, this gives away one of the film’s most fun twists, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen “Trick ‘r Treat.” Spoiler alert: Anna Paquin’s Laurie makes a shocking transition from shy virgin to bloodthirsty werewolf.”

Laurie from Trick ‘r Treat is definitely the coolest werewolf I’ve seen in forever; and her sexy friends are pretty hot too. Alcide Herveaux was actually on this list, but I don’t think he’s really proven himself so far as ‘cooler than Jacob Black’. But when he does, I’ll certainly add him to the list. Until then, let’s keep this fair!

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annimi • July 7, 2010

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