Jack and Diane: More Casting Bullshit is Killing the Movie

I have one question for the production staff of Jack & Diane: when the hell are you going to get off your asses and stop dicking around? Jack & Diane was supposed to be this controversial lesbian werewolf movie, full of blood and gore and young lesbian love. But after just a few months, Ellen Page, sell-out extraordinaire, abandons the project because she wants to work more on her mainstream film career. Wait a while guys; in five years, Lindsay Lohan will still be more famous than Ellen Page. Anyway, I’ve already ranted once about Ellen selling out.

Now, however, her replacement, Alison Pill, has also bailed on the project; one has to wonder if the reason is more production related than not. Unfortunately, Pill hasn’t told anyone yet why she quit, but I’d definitely be willing to offer a penny for her thoughts (just a penny, seriously, we don’t make much money, us bloggers). She’s been replaced by Juno temple; a “hotty”, says Dread Central, but who cares what she looks like? At this point, I just want to see the movie get made. I wouldn’t give a shit if Rosie O’Donnell got the part as long as she stayed in the cast long enough to make the frigging movie!

By the way, the irony of the whole Ellen Page as Juno/Juno as Ellen’s replacement thing, isn’t lost on me. I’m just really sick of all the screwing around going on with this film. And every time I read a news post about it, the plot seems more vague, with a lot less emphasis on the werewolf side of the story. Whatever, I just want solid proof that now, finally, they’re going to actually make the film.

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