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It’s Halloween Season!

Yes, Halloween is more than just one day. We all know that. For me, if stretches from the beginning of October until Thanksgiving–although some folks might argue that, for me, Halloween is all year long, that every day is Halloween. I’d have to plead guilty. But this time of year is when the rest of the world chooses to join in on the celebration with me. Part of that involves television programming that reflects the season, both the specials from my childhood, like IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN, incorporating new ones like SPOOKLY THE SQUARE PUMPKIN, as well as entertainment that is geared towards the spooky and frightening, even if the subjects themselves, the movies and TV specials, were not made exclusively for Halloween.

The movie schedule for TCM has been released, and there are some real winners being presented this year. While rival network AMC is devoting most of the month to reruns of THE WALKING DEAD, TCM is picking up the slack by airing classic Horror films all month. And those films, listed along with their air dates, can be found here. And yes, THE WOLFMAN is included. So are CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF and the CAT PEOPLE movies. As I said, good stuff.

The Evil Cheezman • October 6, 2017

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