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It’s 1985 Again!

Remember me talking about how crazy *over* STRANGER THINGS is? If you weren’t convinced, here’s undeniable proof. Because of STRANGER THINGS, Coca-Cola is bringing back New Coke. And New Coke is selling. It’s selling so well, in fact, with fans tripping over themselves by the millions to purchase New Coke, that it crashed the Coca-Cola company website! Personally, I didn’t have any problem getting in, and I did order my package, which consists of a couple of collector bottles. The fact that I did it at midnight might have something to do with it. And I won’t relax completely until I have those bottles in my hands. Still, my order is confirmed. How much did I pay for them? Twenty bucks! For a coupl’a Cokes! That twenty bucks is nothing compared to what they’re going for on eBay, though. And this is New Coke we’re talking about!

Listen, all you young whippersnappers, I was around for New Coke the first time, and you couldn’t give the stuff away back then. People have been making fun of New Coke for 35 years as the worst marketing decision in business history. And now a couple of bottles of the stuff is selling for as much as $75!!! And it’s all because of STRANGER THINGS!

The Evil Cheezman • May 24, 2019

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