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What was actually killed was the idea to do a television series based on the 80s cult favorite. THE MONSTER SQUAD the movie is fine. We’ve heard talk of a remake off and on for years, but director Fred Dekker confirmed recently in an interview with Moviefone that the notion of turning the movie into a television series was also tossed around. Dekker was asked but wasn’t interested. “…figuring out a way to…turn it into a long form series was very exciting to me. But when we were approached, it was right after STRANGER THINGS…I said, ‘Let me just clarify—you guys want us to do a rip off of a rip off of us?’ And they all sort of laughed. But that’s basically what it came down to. And my other thought was to show us the squad as they are now. I thought, well, let’s make this movie for the people who fell in love when they were kids and say, ‘Where is the squad as adults?” But he found this concept too similar to IT. “So as a fan of the genre, there is nothing to me remotely interesting or new about MONSTER SQUAD as a movie or a TV show. Maybe in 10 years, maybe in 15 years. But right now it’s like, well everybody’s already doing it.”

Exactly. The atmosphere couldn’t be more conducive to such a “reimagining” than it is now, more receptive. Why not strike while the iron is smokin’ hot?

The Evil Cheezman • August 1, 2019

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