Is There ‘A True Werewolf Transformation’?

A true cryptophile will tell you that a werewolf stands on two legs, has the form of a man, but features of a wolf.
This popular tradition has been honored for years and years.

the night desk’s insight:
The author makes some excellent points, but what do you think and which do you think is better… before or now? Do you perfer the more lovable animal looking werewolf or the mutated human/dog/wolf version from some horror movies? Which version would you like to see more of in the future?

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  1. While the pure Wolf/Dire Wolf transformation is based on classic lore, I do prefer the best of both worlds werewolf, Man’s intelligence and wolf’s savagery.

  2. Got to say, when I write them I give them three forms. Human, hybrid, wolf/dire wolf. I know in all forms they possess the mental traits and instincts of both man and wolf.

  3. Where I prefer the two legged beast, I didn’t dislike the American Werewolf’s four legged monster, but at least he looked more savage than just a wolf. I feel they need to have features that differentiates them from the average wolf.

  4. I think this article reflects the times. People no longer fear the wolf and along with the rise of so many over the top power monsters now the original has lost much of its fearsomeness. I like either, it depends on how they are done that matters. A wolf is unlikely to want to harm you but a wolf monster is not something i’d care to face.
    I’d like to see more of both as long as they never become “cute”. Or even better what about a creature who can do both! I am even liking forward to Were, the movie which seems to take transformation a different way, being rather minimal in physical change.
    So while i enjoy all types, if we are really going to talk original, it still has to be the full wolf, a type thst can still strike fear if done properly and do not play second to vampires or any other monster.

  5. The wolf that looks like a wolf. i think it’s cool to look like a wolf (REAL) not the ones in the movies,
    Why? if you saw twilight saga : new moon (and then on) the wolves Look AWESOME! but in
    the OLD movies werewolves look so BAD! i mean so weird i wouldn’t want to have sex with a guy that looks weird. but if he looked like a wolf like real wolves then Oh ya sex with him….

  6. I prefer the man/wolf hybrid. But I could make some exceptions if the werewolf has tthe form of a regular wolf, as long as it’s a savage wolf and not a cute one. I really hate it when people wants to date with them. It spoiles the view of werewolves so much…

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