Is THE WOLFMAN a Christmas Movie?

DIE HARD is a Christmas movie. It wasn’t released at Christmas. It was released in the summer of 1988. (Ah, I remember it so well!) But the movie is set at Christmas. Ergo, it’s a Christmas movie. THE WOLFMAN (at the time titled the not-quite-grammatically correct THE WOLF MAN) is *not* set during the holidays. (The sequel, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN, however, does take place during the Festival of the New Wine, which is merry enough in itself until the Wolfman wrecks the fun.) But THE WOLFMAN opened on December 12th, 1941. Does a movie opening at Christmastime automatically mean that the movie is a Christmas movie? If so then the last two STAR WARS movies are Christmas movies, as will be the third one. The THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies and the THE HOBBIT movies are Christmas movies, too. What say ye, brethren? Most a movie be set during the holidays to qualify as a holiday movie? (It’s also worth noting that FRANKENSTEIN opened on November 21, 1931, so it’s a Thanksgiving movie! And DRACULA opened on Valentine’s Day weekend!)

It doesn’t matter whether or not THE WOLFMAN (or THE WOLF MAN if you insist, though it drives this English major nuts) is a Christmas movie. There is no wrong time to watch it. It goes with any holiday. (But especially with the Festival of the New Wine. When was that again?)

By The Evil Cheezman

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