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Is the Skunkape a Chimpanzee? Or an Orangutan?

Take a gander at the accompanying photograph. I have to say that this is one of the best photographs I’ve seen purporting to show a Skunkape, Bigfoot, or any other kind of unidentified hairy hominid. If I came across this in the woods (or swamp) in the dark, lit it up suddenly with my flashlight, I expect I’d piss my britches, as my grandparents would have phrased it. If it’s a dude in a costume, it’s a dang good costume, wouldn’t you agree? It looks genuine to me. But could it be a chimpanzee or an orangutan? What if some dingleberry was keeping a chimp or orangutan illegally as a “pet,” and then it escaped? Or maybe it just got to be too much trouble and so the dingleberry in question took it out to the Everglades and released it into the wild. (That’s how the ‘Glades ended up with such a huge feral python population, because of dingleberries releasing their “pets” into the swamp because they got tired of them.) Sightings of the animal could certainly explain some Skunkape sightings.

The photograph, along with some others, are known as the “Myakka photos” and were taken in 2000 in, of all places, Myakka, Florida, by a nice old lady who caught the creature stealing some of her apples. It is worth noting that she thought the animal was an escaped orangutan.

The glowing eyes are probably just reflecting the flash of the camera, but they sure make it look creepy.

The Evil Cheezman • November 15, 2019

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