Is the Government Keeping Werewolves a Secret?

The clinically cleaned floors are surrounded by stark white walls. There are no windows to be found, just artificial light shining down on a cold metal slab. Walking in you see menacing medical instruments, each telling its own tale. Underneath the nauseating and overpowering reek of industrial cleaner is the smell of old blood.

LightingA2That is the image many of us picture when we think of a secret government lab.  Government labs are places of wicked and unlawful horrors. Where the unnatural and unknown go to get dismantled, studied, and locked away. It’s a bad place. Or so some say.

There are those out there, and maybe even here, who believe that supernatural beings are very real and that they have been kept secret by the government. These conspiracy theorists claim that werewolves really do exist and that they are locked away in secret government labs where they are having experiments performed upon them. Being poked and prodded and studied in every way.

There are entire books dedicated to the subject of the government keeping the supernatural hidden. There are countless individuals who believe that werewolves, vampires and more creatures are locked away in secret labs.

But what do you think?

Do you believe that real werewolves exist and that they are being kept secret by the government? Do you think it’s even possible for the government to keep such a big secret? There are leaders all over the world – do you think other governments have discovered and locked away any werewolves?

Let us know in a comment below what you think. Do you believe that the government is keeping werewolves a secret or do you think the  conspiracy theorists are silly?

– Moonlight

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  1. What I do know is that virtually EVERY part of the world has a Shifter legend. There has to be some truth in al that, somewhere…
    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
    – Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio

  2. I am kin, so I know a great deal of different species exist. These are hidden because of fear of society, would go mad with fear.

      1. Some of you really need to open your mind and eyes. Your missing life. Movies say they change shape. Haha they are the way they are are 100%of the time. I saw what I say very clearly. The name. Dogman / werewolf. Makes no difference what it / they are called. They are real. Some have killed humans. Some just live the way they live. You are a fool if you say they can’t be real. Once you say that. Your already wrong

    1. I believe you are partly right. People are now hunting them. It would only get worse. I believe they may also be demonic

  3. Werewolves do not exist – it is biologically impossible. The human body can’t just change shapes.

    But aliens…yes. I believe aliens do exist (And why wouldn’t they? To think we’re the only intelligent being in the whole universe is pretty arrogant), and the government is keeping it a secret.

      1. Sure, caterpillar to butterfly is possible, tadpole to frog is possible, but you know what> SHowl specified the HUMAN body cannot naturally change. Showl said absolutely nothing about any creature that is not human (there’s your loophole, for everyone who believes werewolves do exist), and last I looked, tadpoles/frogs and caterpillars/butterflies are not human.

        And for Showl’s aliens: sure, I can believe Earth isn’t the only life-populated planet. But, tell me, do you believe aliens (or rather, some aliens) are intelligent? I mean, intelligent on a scale to humans. Look in a biology book, any one will do, and you’ll see how freaking complex even the most simple ‘lowly’ bacterium or virus is. It’s amazing; life is a miracle. Sure, the universe is huge, possibly even infinite (though I wouldn’t go quite that far) but I honestly think intelligent beings that are also able to manipulate their environment to any strong degree (such as being able to harness electricity to power teeny tiny iPods, let alone drill into the planet for fuel to send a huge machine with many complex computers free of the planet’s gravitational pull)is frankly one of those things that should be impossible, and we are really only the exception that proves the rule.

        1. The only thing that we have proven is our ignorance, based upon the fact that we are constantly discovering and learning new things. Science and nature is alot more complex than people realize. Explore some spirit science videos on you tube, and open your mind up a little bit.

  4. If werewolves and vampires existed…humans would be extinct. I do believe that shape shifting is possible but you would need to be on the type of level where you can give up all wants and desires. If you can do that…you can do anything… even escape reincarnation.

    1. Well, I’m a little insulted, aliasrae. I mean, my mom is human. She was married to a werewolf. She had two children with him. But we’ve never hurt her and we wouldn’t hurt any other human either. We PROTECT humans. Besides, you people outnumber us by billions and you have powerful militaries and weapons. If anything, YOU’D be the ones making US go extinct.

      Let’s not play the Us vs. Them card here, people, no matter what species we are. If there’s anything being mixed species has taught me about life, it’s that we are all simply that: people.

        1. No problem, I’m just trying to promote peace between the magical and human worlds. There’s kind of an underground peace movement going on if you’d like to help.

    2. Look , I know werewolf’s, Dog Man and Bigfoot , all those Cryptids, are they real. I know the government use the werewolves as tunnel rats in the Vietnam war. The truth is nobody knows what the government has experimented with a creative. If you go back to World War II, the Nazis is the one that genetically created the werewolves.. i’m not sure about the Dogman they got records of the dog man and Squatch way back in the 1600s. The government is always looking for a super solder. The werewolves r around 5-600 pounds speaks English and has handlers that trains them. 8-10ft tall. Dog man- looks like a wolf on VanHelsing movie. They r 7-10ft tall and weigh 300-800 pounds nothing but pure muscle . Hands like a rat coon and hind legs like a dog and they can walk up right . The can speak English but they r very intelligent. Pack animals.
      My dad was 101st screaming eagle air born ranger /green beret /special forces. served in the Vietnam war.

  5. I bet my doctor knows about me, if she doesn’t at least suspect something’s up, her medical degree isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. The thing is, though, she’s bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, so no one will ever know.

    But the government? Excuse me while I die laughing. The government wouldn’t recognize a werewolf even if Obama himself was one.

    I do believe in aliens, though, and I believe that Area-51 type places exist.

  6. Many people question the belief in werewolves and vampires (im in the middle of it all) but the truth is the government is hiding more then anyone can dream of from mind controlling drugs used on humans to a weather dominating system in Alaska but werewolves and vampires if they are kept away would be tested on for weaponry and super soldiers but I do know for a fact there are people that say they are true werewolves and shift and all that out in the real world and if the government ever does get ahold of these unnatural creatures who knows what they will do the werewolves or vampires might fight back or attack civilians as a way out

  7. Hell yeah!!! WE PROTECT WHAT WE ARE RAISED AROUND!!! And yes the government HAS been keeping werewolf conspiracy down to a minal and they have this antigen to turn werewolves into humans which isn’t cool BTW. I know from experience.

  8. I think that anything is possible,because in my opinion there is so much that we don’t know about there are even things we chose not to see. I mean look at all these legends that go back thousands of years and all these reports of strange findings, I think that there has to be some truth to these things. I also believe that everything on this earth has a purpose and that Werewolves are very real I believe that they are just misunderstood. I believe that Omnis (God) created Werewolves as a form of protection for Humans almost like Angels if Hell Has Demons whose opposites are Angels then there has to bean opposite for Hell Hounds there opposite being Werewolves I believe this because nature has to have balance for each life Human, Animal, Plant or otherwise. I think that there are many things in this world that humanity as a whole are not ready to accept. I believe that when the time is right these special beings will become know to us but only when we are ready to accept them and not hurt them for being different. So to anyone who sees this don’t be afraid to believe and to those who are special and not fully human (wink) know that there are some of us out here who are rooting for you and hope that you find peace in everything that you do.
    – Aconite

    1. Its nice to see that there are some people in this world that have come around to accepting the differences of others. Im seeing this more and more on the internet…but there are still alot of nasty individuals out there that just want to hate and hurt others. Its hard to think about sometimes. In my spare time, i go visit what i call “werewolf territories” that is….places that have had werewolf sightings. The closest encounter i had to what i believe was a werewolf…was this amazing beautiful growl….unlike anything i have ever heard. When i got back home i went online and listened to every possible animal sound/growl i could think of and nothing matched this. It was…..mystical, powerful sounding, but not menacing. The sound was…it was like surround sound…difficult to explain. The sound projected itself over a wide area at once. I have seen a similar description a couple of other times when i read other peoples encounter with what they thought might be a werewolf. It was an amazing experience i wont ever forget. Its amazing sometimes looking from the outside in……looking into the norm of humanity where most people are bound by a set definition of thought patterns. It is…..VERY SCARY….to think about it….because when you do and you are like me….you realize just how free you really are.

  9. Who’s to say werewolves are actually “human” and not just in a human like form coming from a Native American I grew up with countless stories and sightings and experiences I’ve been told throughout the years explains a lot. But there’s countless shape shifter stories around the world there has to be truth to some

    1. I’m am partially native american, and i find myself always wondering about some strange qualities in myself. i feel foolish and stupid saying it, but I have always wondered if I am somewhat were-animal…I’ve always wondered if our last names are linked to Native american names crazy horse for example, what if we are somehow linked to these animals, hence the names we’ve received.

    1. They use the ones that got cute as fucking attack dogs. And they don’t won’t people to know because of the panic that would end up in a werewolf version of the Salem Witch Trials.

  10. umm hi what should I do I’m a werewolf and I don’t remember much about the full moon unless I have nightmares, although that is until now I sore my friend’s silver flute today and I remembered a hole pile of stuff like a black clock following me and lately I have had dreams about being locked in cages and being court. I think I have a hunter problem. What should I do?

  11. Ok first of Tinsel Town has the world fooled. Werewolves doin fact exist. The Gable film is not a hoax. And it is down right Retarded to think that anyone çan turn into aWolf. If you really saw these creatures anyone in there right mind would be insane with fear and have to come to grips that these things actually walk the same planet we live on.

  12. The great influences do a very good job of keeping peoples minds focused on a very narrow band of life. I do believe that werewolves exist. The more that man tightens his iron grip on this world…the more likely that it will rust into place…which is really no problem for man….he wants to be in control indefinitely. But what happens when he cannot release his iron grip on the world because he has held it so tightly for so long…this is what is going to be one of humanities biggest trip wires when the “TIME COMES” for change.

  13. Just say Werewolves do exist, I want to be one of the first women to be turned into one. I am not talking about a werewolf on all four legs I want to be like the ones in Underworld standing as tall as 6″2 – 6″5 in height and also be able to transform back to human when I want to. Plus work for the American Government to have them to have the smartest Scientist to do this to me & get paid live large & well & my family too & all of us get paid with Damn good credit. Also to be popular with a lot of respect & have the Enemy Afraid all the time sure I would go through the experiment only with that deal plus a lot more incentives. I don’t want my Children or Grandchildren to ever want & SStruggle again as long as they live. But I have to be the one to be experimented on & still get paid Billions of Dollars for any of that to happen. Can the Government afford that if they want their enemies to be eliminated for good.

    1. or they can just take inmates from prisons where there’s no suspicion, probably those who are serving life sentences in solitary confinement or are faced with death sentences. the government would first use someone completely forgotten before they’d choose a civilian. governments are not stupid. think about it.

  14. Can someone help me is this why every night the full !oon is out I’m necked outside?

  15. what is this shit about werewolf’s killing humans who is to say they want to kill humans you are all just full of stereotypes…. a human can easily kill another human but you then don’t start thinking every human is going to kill everyone?? I have been brought up with humans in human society and I have never felt the urge to kill especially humans…. there are good and bad werewolf’s just as there are good and bad humans, we arnt as different as you think! and the full moon thing is bull shit! the biting thing is bull shit, you have to be born its not magic its science! and the dia wolf originally originated from a human species…. trust me humans heavily outnumber werewolf’s to like 7 billion to 2 million but as I said werewolf’s see humans as there own the only difference is humans can not metamorphaphy !! thanks guys just wanted to clear that up :)

  16. Humans are by far the “biggest” monsters on planet earth. They continuously expand the empire of humanitarian modernism, disrespecting the earth and nature, leading to instability of life and destruction of vital natural habitats here on earth. I am not a human hater, but my eyes and my mind are open to many things that most people are oblivious to. People need to stop persecuting difference and diversity and take a look at themselves. Take a look at their lives and their families. Analyze the imbalances here on planet earth. If you look hard enough, you won’t have to look very far to find the “real monsters” in life.

    Ignorance and arrogance. Two very powerful words. One is almost innocent, and the other is pure poison. When combined, these two words are very definitive of what a monster truly is. Some people have become so lost within their own existences, that if they could truly open their eyes and their hearts, and look upon life as some of us do, they would cry and vomit.

  17. Werewolves or “dogmen” as they are called are all over the place. Seems that if you hear the police using the call sign “black dog” that is what they are talking about. “Black cow” means the hairy humanoids are about. There are others like the “black goat” aka Goatman too is on the loose. Never caught and if so they would just melt away.

    There are very few stories about catching anyone shape-shifting or metamorphosing into a super predator or back. The mechanics and biology would be difficult to explain and magickal really doesn’t cut it with me. You would need two connected strands of DNA, But how to cause the bones to change so fast in size? Can they change back to a near human form? Doubtful.

    The question is with the werewolf is are they a real species or a synthetic aggulation of atoms created by the Phenomena that occupies this planet with us. Any real aliens would literally be too far away from us. Super-intelligent ones would be the rarest of all.

    The PHENOMENA as John Keel an Dr. Vallee has been talking about can generate every bit of what affects us from red glowing eyed monsters to shining Heavenly images.

    Many of the werewolf eyes are shown to be self luminous, not reflective, but glowing on their own. A sure sign they are parabiological beings. so do many other such creatures and “aliens” too also “gods” and “demons” as well.

    Even so if we take the idea at face value these super-werewolves so muscular are what humans are not. Both have the added intelligence and werewolves are locked in with Nature. Humans are not and we have no obvious characteristics of an Omega Predator unlike the werewolves.

    You could call it Nature’s second try at an advanced being. One that can ignore Nature and the other that cannot ignore Nature. Though that is my hypothesis alone.

  18. I know someone who the government is experimenting on because he is a lycan. I could possibly get arrested if some certain people see this, but i need to let people know that something is going on in the US government, they are taking innocent creatures and exploiting them for their power. My friend is being driven mad by his experimentation. He will never get a normal life because of the government. So yes, the government does know about lycans, and yes, they are experimenting on us in unknown locations. I luckily have escaped being found by hiding in my country, not telling anyone what i am. Be careful, the government isnt telling us everything.

  19. Is there anyone who is a spiritual shapeshifter or are they changed by another? I’ve always wanted to learn more about werewolves from actual werewolves. I’ve just always been told that I was silly for thinking they could exist without the government hunting, hurting, experimenting on them, etc.

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