Is That A Werewolf?!

redeyesSo lets say it’s the seventh century, yea, that far back, and you suspect you or someone you know just might be a werewolf. But how can you be sure? I mean, you don’t want any mistakes, any risks, right? Don’t worry boys and gals, I’ve got what you need. You see, back then “doctors” came up with a list of werewolf symptoms. This here is the actual list of werewolf symptoms written by seventh century doctors…

  • Pale skin.
  • Weak vision.
  • No tears or saliva, making the eyes and mouth very dry.
  • Super thirsty.
  • Wounds on the arms and legs that do not heal (believed to be caused by walking on all fours).
  • An obsession with walking around cemeteries at night.
  • Howling until dawn.

Yes, believe it or not that is the list of werewolf symptoms that was passed around certain parts of the world. Insane right? But those aren’t the only traditional means for figuring out if someone was a werewolf or not. In fact, there is a massive list of ridiculous things people back in the day came up with. We covered some of them in this awesome post here, but here are some more…

  • Long index finger (if the index finger on someone was way longer than the middle finger this person was thought to be a werewolf).
  • Unibrow! Also known as monobrow, when you have one long eyebrow rather than two above each eye.
  • Pentagram mark. People back then, just like many now, thought a pentagram was a symbol of evil (it actually represents the elements) and that being a werewolf was also evil. Therefore a person that was a werewolf was believed to have a pentagram tattoo/brand on their body, usually on the chest or hand.
  • Reddish glow in the dark eyes (yup, this originally came from old myths, not movies).

Now you know for sure when there is a werewolf around. Or… you just know that back in the day people were paranoid and thought everything was a symptom of something eviiiiiiiiil!

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  1. mortals are dum that is not true werewolfs are actualy very inteligent
    pentegan marks are a sight of the humen is a shape shifter

    1. we’re dumb? HA! look whos talking! ur the ones u hide from us and for wut? to be mistaken as a Halloween character? show urself for cryin out loud! or else ur “clan” will only be a memory.

    2. Yes werewolfs are very intelligent as they also have a keen sense of smell with the birthmarks of wolfs some were born in 1930 as they started attacking men but they see that dogs the relatives are playing with men and women they start being allies with humans and as they live today people have had enough werewolfs but they cant do anything to stay away from humans since they have bonded with the species.

    1. We are not but humans have mistaken us for “Chupacabras” and have started killing the species since Albert Kang started the myth of Werewolves as it already was in 1945 he said we would attack all mankind but he was wrong. As the legend lives on werewolves keep loving and protecting men and women and of course the Wolf species. As wolfs were born in forest fires if they survive that tragic moment in their lives they gain more power and energy which makes them kings some day. But the mixed species Vamwoles are Vampires and Werewolves mixed and usaully strike for the humans as we Werewolves protect them the population by tommorow will be 30,000 but the werewolves will be 90,000. As you can see Wolfs that we are gentle creatures when we are not mad and we should be mad for them mistaking werewolves but they found out some people think we are fakes but remember we are not fake the legend will live on! Ps. hope you like all the facts

  2. Yeah :o I have Those kind of Symtoms :( i Howls my mouth is very dry and i drink lots of Water :s And plus my Eyes are brown they change at night :( Light brown :p im a Werewolf 100%

  3. Same here, I have some of these symptoms but I am not a werewolf;
    • Reddish glow at night in my blue eyes
    • Long index finger (well a little longer than normal)
    • Pale skin.
    • Weak vision.
    • No tears or saliva, making the eyes and mouth very dry.
    • Super thirsty all of the time.
    These are things that can be normal. So, I don’t think that I’ll go and panic about it.

  4. I heard that this was one, looking younger. I look younger than my age, last week I was given the kiddy menu. I’m 15 soon to be 16 and I am a girl.

  5. Were dumb? ok sure if were so dumb why do we still exist.. the humans run from us and make fun of us by dressing as us… ugh i am so mad this is unsulting if find the person that wrote this… ugh!!! i know who im hunting tonight… anyone have his scent?


  7. Thinking that you’re a werewolf because you have those characteristics? Whatever, try that on Halloween. I mean true werewolves won’t just blabber that they are one. Duh?!

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