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Is Silver Really Good For Fighting Evil? (Hey, It Worked For The Lone Ranger!)

The idea that bullets made from silver offered an effective (sometimes only) means of dispatching evil entities from vampires to werewolves, has been around in popular mythology for quite some time.

So much “knowledge” concerning werewolves comes not from folklore but from Hollywood. Werewolves transform on nights of the full moon? Not according to pre-cinematic tradition. A person becomes infected after surviving a werewolf bite—isn’t that how it works? On film, yes. In folklore, the transformations are caused by a curse, or through a voluntary pact with the forces of darkness. And silver bullets as the only way to destroy a lycanthrope? That was invented by Curt Siodmak, writer of the “The Wolf Man,” wasn’t it? Actually, though not frequently used as a method to combat werewolves per se, there does exists a tradition of silver possessing esoteric properties, useful for dispatching supernatural enemies.

This article takes it a few steps further, explaining how switching to silver as the base of our economy might save us all from bloodsucking corporatists. And what would an article focusing on that shiny metal be without a mention of the Lone Ranger and his endless supply of silver bullets? I’ve always thought how uniquely qualified the masked man would be to hunt werewolves. But has anybody ever actually fired a silver bullet? Gold bullets wouldn’t work; they’d be too soft. Anybody know how a silver bullet holds up?

source: www.safehaven.com


The Evil Cheezman • May 25, 2015

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