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Interview with a Werewolf (Artist)

Vaughn Belak is a gifted artist who wants to bring the world a coffee table book of his artwork. Rather than wax poetic on why you should support him–even though I’m fairly good at waxing poetic–I figure that old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words is applicable here. I will intersperse snippets from a Q-and-A supplied to us by Mr. Belak with some shots of his work. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Q= What are some of the monsters (general types or from specific movies or comics) you have painted?

B= I’ve painted most if not all of the major iconic monsters at least once. Nosferatu and the Bride of Frankenstein I have painted many times over as well as a few werewolves. My favorite movie monster is the Creature From the Black Lagoon and I have in fact painted him but once. I had to wait for awhile before I made the attempt as I woulda been pissed had I f*cked that one up.

Q= What are some of your favorite horror movies or books/comics?

B= My favorite horror movies are the classics. I love the old Universal films for how
perfectly flawed they all are. I love the lighting as well as the craft that went into the makeups. Recent films I love are things like 30 Days of Night, Near Dark and She Creature (Stan Winston was a genius).

Q= What drew you to painting iconic horror creatures?

B= What drew me towards monsters as a subject for my work was just a natural thing I guess. I have always been a horror fan as well as a bit of a comic nerd. I would watch
Creature Feature every Sunday as a kid in St Pete Fl. Dr Paul Bearer introduced me to all the classics that I still love today.

That’s the same way I came to know and love the classic Monsters, and as with Mr. Belak, they are my favorites as well. I had my own “Creature Feature” sort of television broadcast that I watched religiously. (So sad that those are extinct now!)

If you think Belak’s artwork is beautiful–and if you don’t get your eyes examined, pronto!–please consider backing his project here!

The Evil Cheezman • October 2, 2017

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