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In Praise of Krampus

I didn’t know anything about Krampus until just a few years ago. Had I known I would surely have loved him all along. A Christmas *devil*? A monster version of Santa Claus? That’s tailor-made for the likes of me. Now that I do know him I can’t get enough of him. This does not in any way impact my traditional celebrations of the holidays. I can love Krampus and celebrate the season of peace on earth, good will towards men at the same time. In point of fact, is Krampus’s purpose not to safeguard those very sacred traditions? To make sure people keep them? Krampus is a good guy. Granted he’s kinda like the Punisher more than Superman, but still.

Last night the wifey and I watched the classic film KRAMPUS by Michael Dougherty. (It’s all of three years old and is already a classic. It was a classic as soon as it came out.) I *do* recommend that you watch the deleted scenes of the film; in this case, I have to disagree with the editing. Those scenes, if left in, actually make for a fuller, better film (not that it isn’t great even without them). Here is someone who gets it. He argues that KRAMPUS is *the* Christmas movie now, and it’s hard to disagree. Sure, I still love MIRACLE ON 34th STREET. I still watch the Charlie Brown and Rudolph cartoons. *And* I look forward to my annual viewing of KRAMPUS. It’s all part of the recipe. Krampus just gives it a little bit of spice, like the ginger in gingerbread or the sage in mincemeat. Or the hooch in eggnog if you prefer.

The Evil Cheezman • January 6, 2019

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