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immortalnightHey readers, today’s post is about a new mmorpg (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) I came across recently called Immortal Night. The game already has thousands of players and better yet, it’s free. With the economy sucking as badly as it does having a free video game to play rock all sorts of awesome (especially if you’re a broke nerdling like me).  And video games about werewolves versus vampires kick even more ass. What hardcore werewolf fan doesn’t want to lay on some serious pain to those vamps?

From the Immortal Night website…

Who are you? Vampire or Werewolf?

The world of Immortal Night awakens your true self bringing the fastest paced free rpg the internet has ever seen. A mmorpg game shrouded in darkness, where the supernatural reigns and Mist and Mysticism are seeped in every move. Play the free mmorpg of a life transformed by blood and venom. A free rpg where silver and holy water are weapons of mass destruction. The mmo game where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.

Vampires and Werewolves…allies or enemies? In this thrilling free mmog decide as you evade human hunters while traveling around the globe feasting, prowling and battling rival Houses for territory. Become one of the privileged, establish your House as dominant, consult the tarot, throw the bones, collect Mythical Objects to aid in your Mischief. Grow your fangs and secure your seat on the council as you claw your way through the ranks to get to Ancient and take supreme power.

Sounds rad right? I played the game for a bit and it’s not bad at all. It’s your facebook-styled point and click kinda online game, but it’s still ridiculously addictive and fun to play. If you are looking for a new game to kill time with this one is for sure worth checking out. Since it’s free you have nothing to lose. So go out there and join the werewolf army and kick some filthy leech ass!

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  1. i have been there forever now lol u guys need to try it longer than a week to get a real feel for the game and its people. as for the admins hey what can i say they r just human folks…good and bad.

  2. this game is supposed too be fiction with role play but it goes too far when a real life affair happened from the role play.i know it was my wife so husbands beware .they like too send pics naked and talk on skype.the administraitors said it was my problem and refused too ban the two people involved. ……uck this game.

  3. Dude, I’ve been on this site for years on years now, and as a hardcore chatter, this game’s pretty awesome. Always check out the chat, if you’re going to try this game.

  4. Immortal Gaming recently added a new title called Immortal Day (a new game along the same lines as Immortal Night). My review of both games follows:

    Don’t waste your money on this game. Immortal Day is a new release from Immortal Gaming, LLC, (previously T&Z Gaming, LLC), but the new game is little more than a cosmetic upgrade of Immortal’s older game, Immortal Night, except for the fact that everything you might want to purchase through “donations” costs a lot more on the newer game. One assumes Immortal Gaming needed more money, but rather than upgrading Immortal Night, management decided to create a new game and then jack up the prices on game perks.

    Both games are run by the same administrators (Nikita and Violet) who continue to be as rude, capricious, bullying, and insensitive as they have always been in their roles as administrators of the earlier title. I was fortunate enough to play Immortal’s older title (Immortal Night) for only a few months before I became exhausted by mistreatment from management. I played the new title, Immortal Day, for only four days. During my brief exposure to Immortal’s games, I had four, separate run-ins with the game’s administrators. First, I had a forum thread locked for “daring” to talk about the game’s markets (some unwritten rule–and there are a lot of those in Immortal’s games–that I was supposed to know but did not). Second, I was forum banned for five days for merely quoting something that Violet did not like (didn’t break any rule at all, as far as I could tell, but got banned anyway). Third, I was mail-banned for spam by the game’s hyper-vigilant bots (for sending the same “Assignment Complete” message to several players). While this banning was appealed and quickly rectified, my fourth and final issue with management was not resolved to my satisfaction.

    After signing up for the new title, Immortal Day, and after working hard on a new character for several days (my character was high up in the brand-new game’s Hall of Fame), I was bot-banned for typing out and attempting to mail the URL of a competing game. Nowhere in the game’s voluminous (and excessive) rules does it say this can’t be done. Immortal Gaming forbids advertizing for other games, and that’s fair enough, but I wasn’t advertizing for another game. I was, in fact, bashing a competing game and using it as an example of what a “dead” game looks like. Still, I was auto-pitted (banned) by the bot, and when I appealed this banning I was treated very rudely and insensitively by management. After several attempts to contact her, Nikita first informed me that she had received my appeal some 23 hours after I filed it, but she refused to act on it at that time. The next day, when I expressed my frustration over the length of time she was (intentionally) taking to address my appeal, she responded to me by saying, “You can be frustrated all you want and its up to you how often you check or dont.” That’s all she said, and that was approximately 40 hours after I filed my initial appeal.

    I consider that poor customer service. I, in turn, had to remind Nikita who’s paying her bills, and I did so with the following message:

    “That’s just rude. You seem to be operating under a serious misconception. I am paying YOU to play this game. As such, I expect to be treated with respect and to have my complaints addressed quickly and justly. For future reference, you may wish to consider this legal principle. If there’s no harm, there’s no foul. Nothing I did harmed you, your game, your business, or any other person. As such, there should be no penalty. Instead, you responded to me rudely, and you have penalized me for doing NOTHING that injured you. This is unacceptable.”

    With no further recourse available to me, and with no action taken on my appeal, I gave up, and I am very glad that I did. I advise you to do the same regarding Immortal’s games (Immortal Night and Immortal Day). If you’re going to pay money to play a game, your money will be much better spent with another company–one that treats its gamers as valued clients and not like trash.

    Both games (Immortal Day and Immortal Night) are technically solid with only a few remaining bugs, and management is vigilant. Downtimes are short, server crashes are rare, game events are regular and occasionally interesting, but none of this can make up for the way you are likely to be treated by the game’s administrators. If you like vampires and werewolves, and if you’re lucky enough to never encounter the game’s management, you will be fine, I suppose, but if you ever need their assistance, you will be made to feel like dirt for bothering them, and they won’t care one bit if you are upset about the way they treat you. They will call you (publicly) a “whiny bish.”

    Trust me on this. Immortal Day is not worth your time and money.


    Management may be contacted at the following address:
    Immortal Gaming LLC.
    P.O. Box 1683
    Broomfield, CO 80038-1683
    United States

  5. My issues with the owner and administrators of Immortal Day (as described in my post above) have been resolved to my satisfaction.

  6. Was banned for sending a discord link and nik claimed it as a game advertisement lol I can tell you right now discord isn’t a game nor was there anything on said site about being auto banned how ever my friend sent me a screen shot of the ruling and I was meant to get A WARNING not a federal ban for 300 days. Even after donations might refund my money since nik doesn’t even answer emails. Also has threaten my in game husband after discord official immortal night abused redmane name. And said he would IP ban us.. all

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