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immortalnightHey readers, today’s post is about a new mmorpg (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) I came across recently called Immortal Night. The game already has thousands of players and better yet, it’s free. With the economy sucking as badly as it does having a free video game to play rock all sorts of awesome (especially if you’re a broke nerdling like me).  And video games about werewolves versus vampires kick even more ass. What hardcore werewolf fan doesn’t want to lay on some serious pain to those vamps?

From the Immortal Night website…

Who are you? Vampire or Werewolf?

The world of Immortal Night awakens your true self bringing the fastest paced free rpg the internet has ever seen. A mmorpg game shrouded in darkness, where the supernatural reigns and Mist and Mysticism are seeped in every move. Play the free mmorpg of a life transformed by blood and venom. A free rpg where silver and holy water are weapons of mass destruction. The mmo game where demons thrive and the things of nightmares creep around every corner.

Vampires and Werewolves…allies or enemies? In this thrilling free mmog decide as you evade human hunters while traveling around the globe feasting, prowling and battling rival Houses for territory. Become one of the privileged, establish your House as dominant, consult the tarot, throw the bones, collect Mythical Objects to aid in your Mischief. Grow your fangs and secure your seat on the council as you claw your way through the ranks to get to Ancient and take supreme power.

Sounds rad right? I played the game for a bit and it’s not bad at all. It’s your facebook-styled point and click kinda online game, but it’s still ridiculously addictive and fun to play. If you are looking for a new game to kill time with this one is for sure worth checking out. Since it’s free you have nothing to lose. So go out there and join the werewolf army and kick some filthy leech ass!

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  1. Dude! I used to play many of these browser based games, however I lost my appetite. Until I try to play that well but only casually.

    How wonderful this site! I did not know and had no idea that a site about werewolves as well as easy access, and believe me, it makes me extremely happy. I’ll keep an eye here for updates. = D

    And sorry for the bad english. I’m don’t know much english ^^

  2. its not a vampire game but i know a cool game thats free called dead frontier but i do know a good vampire vs werewolves game called bite fight

  3. um…can u like accualy log into this game or is it just a site cause i cant figure out how 2 get in the real game…

  4. I am an avid player of the this game! I love it dearly, I am a proud member of DDF/DDK. We are the 4th highest ranked house on the site. It’s fantastic, there is so much to do, and so many possiblities. We just had a Lycan V. Vampire snowball fight! Please, don’t hesistate to come and look at its. Its free, if you wanna pay for a few extra perks thats cool. I haven’t yet and I am still having alot of fun!

  5. I cant wait to play becuase I can actully pick werewolf or vampire. I was wondering which one will u pick? I was also wondering if werewolves and vampires fight eachother? Is it fun? I cant wait to register online!!!! What I cant believe is that it is FREE. You should go on because its free anyways.I wonder what I would want to be maybe a vampire or a werewolf. HAVE FUN!

  6. The game is incredibly buggy with very little support from other players or staff. The economy is a disaster due to a serious lack of udnerstanding by the developers. I’ve played other games and would recommend steering clear of this until the someday get the quirks worked out

  7. The game itself is fun for the most part. It’s not for those who are thin skinned and it does encourage people to cause trouble so if you’re an a-hole you’ll fit right in. The developers don’t care to hear about any problems you may have and will post nasty messages on the forums telling people to stop whining if they complain about being mistreated by others. It’s been hacked a few times (most likely people angry at the developer’s crappy attitudes) and it’ll probably be hacked again as long as the creators remain arrogant. They have donator packs which you can pay for to upgrade your game experience but your money will not buy you much support.

  8. ok i have no idea how to play immortal night but i still have an account there so how the heck do you play i think you can roam outside as a vampire or werwolf but how do you do that?????????????????????????

  9. i just relized one of my friends is a vampire so that means if you mess with me my friend will rip ur throat out and drink ur freakin blood Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!die people

  10. Basically, this game is not intuitive, but once I got the hang of what you’re supposed to do, then it was really fun. From what I’ve figured out, you should start off as a newbie by click on “The Castle” along the left hand link menu to get a tutorial on how to do different tasks, like questing and attacking and boosting scores. After reading some of the tutorials, then you should go to the “Explore” page and check out some of the fun things to do, like Tarot and Prowl (which get you free things, but has a limited number of uses per day) and mining (which takes Endurance) and mischief (which takes Cunning) and assignments (which gives you other players to attack for money, you will need Energy to do this, which you get from drinking blood in your inventory). Thus far, I have not seen a difference in playing werewolf or vampire, as you get to change your mind before 5 days are up, but it just seems like it is a big free for all unless you are participating in a house war or the species snowball fight (it was a christmas thing, now over). It is a lot of fun if you like text based games, though the quests are fairly predictable.

    Quest goes as follows: Go to the Soul Collector, click on the bottom link to get the quest, go to the shop (if you buy the item on the market, it does not count towards the quest), buy the items for the quest in the EXACT ORDER IT SAYS TO (if bought out of order, it doesn’t count), go back to the Soul Collector, click the link, pick three boxes to check, use the items IN THE ORDER TOLD by going to your inventory and clicking the “use” link next to the item, then collect reward. The instructions are found in “The Castle” in case you’re lost. I kinda wish that there were some different quests that involved attacking a particular NPC or mining a particular jewel or posting in the forums or something different, but I still like the game despite the lack of innovative quests because it is fun to do other things in the game. Perhaps there are more interesting ones at higher levels.

    Overall, the fights are the best part of the game, because they have the most action and you can fight anyone, you just might loose if you underestimate your opponent. It is a little difficult to find someone to fight that is about on par with you once you are above 1st level because the filters for the “Users in Town” list is severely lacking. Positive note, there seems to be a negative geometric progression in terms of the number of players per level (means that there are much fewer people at the higher levels than at the lower levels, so if you are looking for someone that is above 1st level to fight, go to the end of the list and work backwards).

    I hope that this is enough information for new players and lets you know if this is the game for you. Happy hunting.

  11. What is this game like? Is it a text base game? I cannot find any game play videos or screen shots anywhere. This game must SUCK more then vampires if they makers don’t want you to know what the game looks like. I got a BONE in my pants for them wolves.

  12. I think that the game is awesome, most of the people I play with are funny and cool… look me up under Alexiana if you wanna chat. until next time *uses vamp speed to get out of the wolf den*


  14. i accidently signed in without knowing that i had to be like 17 yrs or older so i decided to sign up at this this age. and im 13 yrs of age.

  15. Okayz, I would love to do it, but my mom is SOOOOOO over protective! Is it like, safe and not to inapropriate? I mean, i love blood and gore and crap like that, but my mom doesn’t…….. (yeah, ima girl)

  16. Having played a while I am giving up on it. It is just another ponzi scheme game donate or get more saps to donate. The rules are ridiculous and the admin staff are just plain rude. Its a good enough chat place but that is about it. If you give them your dough though you are as much a sap as I was.

  17. built by a professional company, sold to a rich families teenager and staffed by children, this game is pretty good on its own but combine it with the poor management and childish comments from staff and admin, it really does spoil this game, as a vetren of text based mmorpg’s there a manygames like this one in a very competitive market and ive no trouble in leaving this account without giving it a second thought.

    in summary, if there was a complete change of management then the game might evolve and be more friendly to new players, until that happens the game is destined to fail.

  18. Honestly, i don’t believe that this game is worth your time. There are several better games out their, such as bite fight, which do not give donating players such a huge advantage, and have a much more “player friendly” atmosphere. the admins in immortal night are incredibly harsh and unforgiving, and will make nasty comments to players who say they are being harrassed, even in an aggresive way. Whats worse, the forums (which are the largest aspect of the game) is moderated by poorly picked (except for one or two), moody people who don’t think twice about forum banning people (without warning) for making them angry in the slightest bit. If control of the game does shift to other admins, then i MAY consider relogging and actually playing, but for now, i will avoid the game. I only log in to donate the required fees to my clan, which is DDF/DDK, and they are VERY player friendly, despite the other players in the game. Also, for any Immortal night player that wishes to claim that i am just whining because i was pitted/banned, for your information, i have NEVER been pitted OR banned, and i have never had a run-in with the admins, but i have seen how they treated other players, so honestly, i can say this game is just a scam.

  19. The admin have lost the plot, you cannot say a single honest opinion unless it is in the form of suckery.

    If you have a problem they will most likely ignore you, or the wife and husband double team known as Violet and Kanine will encourage a bullying spree upon you.

    If you want to spend your hard earned real life money for a game economy going down the tubes and still not be very far along in this game go ahead. Most of the gear and items are dominated by players selling stuff for millions and the only ones that get anywhere in the game are those who pay for it and are friends with admin.

    If you voice your opinion in forums they will lock the post so no one could say anything. And you cant delete your account so they can keep high numbers to make their game look good. Do a search on the server in a few of the cities (try paris or london first)and you will see countless thousands of players below level 10 that havent logged on for a year or so. And i cant blame them

    Also leveling is a joke since even a level one can have the same stats as a lvl 100 with enough training.

    Unless you want to play socially with friends and dont care about being treated like crap i wouldnt even mess with this game with a paper bag over its head.

  20. I play daily.. Am totally hooked..Ignore the admins.. Kick ass.. Am a werewolf.. and I’m going to gp sign in and kick dc/dc deathnote 123’s ass around for his/her disparaging remarks about us lycans..
    In 200 days I have made some good friends.. I have a lot of fun playing with them.. There is a large RP contingent .. who love their role play.. and the house wars are amazing fun.. amazing.. yes there are ass h@les.. and players who buy their own strength but my general experience has been positive

  21. One of the easiest ways to gain gold in this game is to vote for Immortal Night on the website links provided. Do not be fooled by these votes!
    High level players will harass low level players without any consequences. If you speak up, you get harassed even more by those players and their friends. They will heal you and attack you to keep you in recovery and drain your funds for healing items. You will be harassed not only publicly in comments, but in IM’s as well. The admins really don’t care for the griefing of the lower levels. Avoid this game if you dislike drama and harassment by players far too full of themselves

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