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If I Were a Werewolf…

Over at Vampires.com I recently wrote a post titled “If I Were a Vampire…” where I talked about the type of vampire I would be in my own personal dream world. That post triggered this one, but this time I am asking myself what type of werewolf I would be. Like before, a few big questions leap to mind, but this time they are a bit harder to answer.

1. What would I look like?
2. Would I have control while in wolf form?
3. Could I change at will?
4. How did I turn?
5. Would I have powers?

Here’s the type of werewolf I’d like to be in my perfect fantasy.

What would I look like?
Werewolves in fiction tend to look one of two ways, they either look like a normal wolf or they look like a mixture of human and wolf (like in the picture to the right). While I like both appearances, I would rather look like a normal wolf. I think that this form would make running wild and blending into the woods much easier. The half form looks more badass and I love seeing it in movies, but for me, I would want to look like a regular wolf.

Would I have control while in wolf form?
In some werewolf stories, werewolves loose all control when they transform into their wolf form – they become absolutely feral and have no control of what they do and often no memory of what happened as a werewolf. In other stories, they keep their humanity when they transform, they stay themselves and think and act normal. In my perfect fantasy I would prefer the latter. I don’t like the idea of losing control. However, I wouldn’t be completely human. In Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series, her katagaria shapeshifters keep their humanity but they also have their natural animal instincts, so at times they act beastly. I like that compromise, a personality that is a mix of human and beast, not one or the other. I would like to be like those wolves.

Could I change at will?
The full moon thing is cool in movies, but really, I would hate it for myself. I would like to shift whenever I wanted to.

How did I turn?
I have a lot of options here – I could get bitten or clawed by a werewolf and turn that way, or a can be born into it, or I can be cursed by a sorcerer…etc. I think I would like to be born into it, born into a family of werewolves. That way you have others there to walk you through the change, to teach you the ropes. Being turned suddenly would be confusing and terrifying without anyone to explain it to you and help you through it.

Would I have powers?
Some werewolves have powers like super strength and heightened senses, while others have no powers at all (other than transformation). I would like to have powers like in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series (yes, I am mentioning these books again…obsessed). The shifters in this series have a wide assortment of powers, not only can they transform into their animal form, but they also have some psychic-like abilities, they can teleport, time travel and much much more. I think being like that would be rad.

So, in my own fantasy world, in my own perfect situation, being a werewolf would be awesome!

Now say to yourself… “If I were a werewolf…” and let us know what you come up with.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • October 26, 2010

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