If I Were a Werewolf…

Over at Vampires.com I recently wrote a post titled “If I Were a Vampire…” where I talked about the type of vampire I would be in my own personal dream world. That post triggered this one, but this time I am asking myself what type of werewolf I would be. Like before, a few big questions leap to mind, but this time they are a bit harder to answer.

1. What would I look like?
2. Would I have control while in wolf form?
3. Could I change at will?
4. How did I turn?
5. Would I have powers?

Here’s the type of werewolf I’d like to be in my perfect fantasy.

What would I look like?
Werewolves in fiction tend to look one of two ways, they either look like a normal wolf or they look like a mixture of human and wolf (like in the picture to the right). While I like both appearances, I would rather look like a normal wolf. I think that this form would make running wild and blending into the woods much easier. The half form looks more badass and I love seeing it in movies, but for me, I would want to look like a regular wolf.

Would I have control while in wolf form?
In some werewolf stories, werewolves loose all control when they transform into their wolf form – they become absolutely feral and have no control of what they do and often no memory of what happened as a werewolf. In other stories, they keep their humanity when they transform, they stay themselves and think and act normal. In my perfect fantasy I would prefer the latter. I don’t like the idea of losing control. However, I wouldn’t be completely human. In Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series, her katagaria shapeshifters keep their humanity but they also have their natural animal instincts, so at times they act beastly. I like that compromise, a personality that is a mix of human and beast, not one or the other. I would like to be like those wolves.

Could I change at will?
The full moon thing is cool in movies, but really, I would hate it for myself. I would like to shift whenever I wanted to.

How did I turn?
I have a lot of options here – I could get bitten or clawed by a werewolf and turn that way, or a can be born into it, or I can be cursed by a sorcerer…etc. I think I would like to be born into it, born into a family of werewolves. That way you have others there to walk you through the change, to teach you the ropes. Being turned suddenly would be confusing and terrifying without anyone to explain it to you and help you through it.

Would I have powers?
Some werewolves have powers like super strength and heightened senses, while others have no powers at all (other than transformation). I would like to have powers like in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series (yes, I am mentioning these books again…obsessed). The shifters in this series have a wide assortment of powers, not only can they transform into their animal form, but they also have some psychic-like abilities, they can teleport, time travel and much much more. I think being like that would be rad.

So, in my own fantasy world, in my own perfect situation, being a werewolf would be awesome!

Now say to yourself… “If I were a werewolf…” and let us know what you come up with.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. ok. now you got me thinking. if i were a werewolf i would LOVE to be a half human half wolf form. i would be in control of my transformations and i would be in control of myself. i dont think i could live with my condition by myself i would have to be born with it. and i would want AWESOME strenght powers in wolf and human form i dont think i could handle any more powers other than that. so if i were a werewolf with those specifications i would love it!

    1. Being a real werewolf, standing on two legs is common. You can run on all fours to go faster. Superpowers come with the change. I once did a drawing of Superman as a werewolf. Looked cool.

    2. I think that you will look completely different than human and that form might Permantly make stay as a werewolf forever if you are a werewolf

      1. Does it mean I am a werewolf when I’ve been able to howl my whole life and I feel like I would fit in with a pack of werewolves?

  2. 1. Well, for me I would be a mix of both. Able to transform between wolf and half wolf half human form depending on the situation.
    2. I love the concept of having a gradual control over the wolf form. At first one would have no control, but evolve into the personality of both forms combined.
    3. Same as above and gradual progression of the ability to control the change at will.
    4. Personally, turning would be a bit of a chance occurrence. Surviving an attack of some kind could dictate the relationship between acceptance and denial. The complication becomes key to the transition of the change.
    5. I would say that with the gradual progression the human aspect would filter into the wolf form and vice versa. The special powers would be more consistent in human form (i.e. heightened sense of smell, vision etc…). You become more than just a human in human form, and more than a feral wolf in the wolf form.

    1. yes me to but 8ddi but it has to be awesome I keep taking quizzes and I keep getting werewolf. I want to tell someone but I know I cant I feel stuck in the inside and I want to turn but how do you? I feel weird and different at certain times but im confused ugh just cant figure it out…..

    2. sorry I keep getting typos anyway how do you turn im confused!!!! and what wolf am I? light brown or white? idk anymore

  3. I’d have to go with the three form idea myself. Love the look of the half and half, which would have its advantages, but it’s easier to hide in full wolf form. (At least around here, big city maybe not) Would definatly want to shift at any time. Sometimes a girl just needs to run off into the night woods to de-stress after a long day. (: Think I’d most likely have control of myself while changed. Spend so much time in the company of dogs I already think like them from time to time. Would prefer to be born a werewolf, but any method would be fine. Wouldn’t care for the initial pain involved with a bite though. As for powers, not sure I’d consider the hightened senses a power, just a perk of the werewolf gift. Other than that, guess would depend on how I had become the wolf. If I was changed into it by magic, I’d expect to be able to perform magic myself; if by birth, probly no powers other than the shifting ability. Would be good enough for me (:

  4. I would want to be a werewolf probably the same exact way you would be except for a born into the werewolf family, I would probably much rather do it alone.. But even without the chance to be one, I would just be content enough to know that they exist.I think you should do a post about the blood moon and its effect and manipulation on the worlds.

  5. I would be along the lines of half wolf/human and I would have the intelligence I currently possess along with the powers of transformation on will, invisiblity, super strength, heightened senses and the ability to see through objects.

  6. If I were a werewolf I would hunt and kill vampires to protect mankind and only kill vampires not humans cause vampires are evil and they are our main #1 enemy and the creature that we have been at war for centuries and use my super strength, speed and heightened senses for good yes use my powers against evil wouldn’t you?

  7. If I were a werewolf I’d prefer to look like a larger, stronger natural wolf, normal-ish enough to blend in but big enough to be scary. I’d be like Dexter and on full moons I’d hunt those who deserve it; my personal choice being sexual predators and serial killers.

  8. Okay, well you like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books, I like White Wolf’s World of Darkness series – specifically, the newer (2004) edition, Werewolf: the Forsaken.
    1. What would you look like? Well, in W:tF you have 5 forms, all of which are common throughout werewolf mythology. Man form, wolf form, caveman-ish form, monster wolf form, and of course the half-man, half-wolf form.
    2. Would I have control in wolf form? Well, yes and no. I think White Wolf does a really good job of combining how instincts and emotions are always part of you, and you’re constantly trying to contain yourself.
    3. Could I change at will? For the most part, yes. However, due to your altered emotional state depending on the sign of the moon, it’s easier or harder to stop yourself from changing due to emotional factors.
    4. How did I turn? All werewolves in the series are born into it, but not necessarily from direct parents.
    5. Would I have powers? Yes. In the series, all werewolves are part spirit, which reflects MANY mythologies’ beliefs in animism and totemism. Their powers reflect the spiritual aspect of being a werewolf, so you’re not a mage by any means, but still capable of doing more than ripping things up with your teeth.

  9. 1.i would look white with black ears, paws, teeth and tail and i would also have red eyes

    2.yes, i would have control

    3.again yes

    4.born into it

    5.only enhanced senses

  10. 1. I would be completely wolf, except larger and longer. Also, bigger and stronger. I’d be colored like a Husky with light grey fur on the top part of my body and white on the major part of my body. The front of my legs and the part of my head in between my eyes would be grey. My eyes would be red.

    2. I would have partial control. I would have wolf instincts. Like if I say a rabbit I would kill it, but I would not kill humans or attacck them, since real wolves are often timid unless they have rabies. I would be able to think in English.

    3. Yes. I could change whenevr I wanted to but only at night. The change would be quick and painless and after my thransformation I would be really sensitive to my senses.

    4. You could be born into it, be scratched by a werewolf, or casting a spell on yourself to change into a werewolf. I would be born into it but in some cases, if you are a Witch, you have to cast a spell and be born into it. This is what would happen to me.

    5. To an extent. I would have super wolf strength (see form) and could sme,, see, feel and taste better then a normal wolf. I could drain the strength from people around me and I could change people’s emotionss slightly. for example if someone was crying their eyes out, I could make them less sad and just sniff and cry a little instead. If someone was really sad though, I couldn’t make them happy.

  11. 1) I’d probably have the ability to shift into one of several forms, varying between full human to full wolf. This would allow me to be either stealthy, strong, or both. My fur would be chocolate-colored, like my hair in real life, and my eyes would be either Ice-blue or Gold.
    2) I’d control my animal urges. I couldn’t deal with waking the next day and learning that I brutally murdered a friend of mine.
    3) I’d control my transformations. However, it would be cool to endure some sort of struggle to remain human while the Moon loomed high.
    4) Genetics would play a role in my Lycanthropy. It would be cool to be from a long line of warrior-wolves.
    5)I’d have telepathic abilities and control over the Arcane forces (magic).

  12. Take some guy hostage and force him to make me an authentic looking Werewolf Crossing sign and place it next to the highway. People would drive by the Werewolf Crossing sign, thinking it was a hoax. Then, after driving a few hundred more feet, they would find me standing near the road, in the exact same position as the figure on the sign.

  13. umm hi I have a suggesstion and I think that you should put in wherewolve facts oh and you dont just have to be born like a werewolve or bitten or clawed you can be captured or somthing by a scientist and they could get werewolve d.n.a and put it in a needle shot and give it to you and make you a werewolve so yeah oh and im not trying to be rude to you srry if I hurt your feelings but that is real and you actually can controll yourself sorry but your wrong oh and reply to me kk g2g and lata peeps oh yeah

  14. i would like a family of werewolves and i would like to be bitten i would love to be bitten because then u gety to run off in the middle of the night with the werewolf who turned u into one and he gets to teach u with the onlny light the moon that would be awesome!!!! and if the werewolf who turned u into a werewolf was ur cruch would be kinda cool and werid like y did he turn u?did he chosse to?

  15. if i were a vampire WAIT…… what the hell am i talking about i dont want to be a vampire i want to be werewolf… if i were a werewolf
    1) i would have black fur
    2) i would not be lonely
    3) i would live among other werewolves and we would live in the woods and have wolves travel with us and we would be like a pack
    4) i would leave my pack in the moring with my werewolf friends that live with me and live a “human” life and come back at night my werewolf friends and i would always be together no matter what
    5) we would eat animals and try not to eat humans
    6) it would be hard for us to blend in at night being around humans becuase we change and at moring when someone messes with us its hard to contral our temper….and the people that see us at night we MUST EAT THEM if they live then they would tell our sercet to the world and we would forever be hunted….WATCH OUT HUMANS…. we will not attack vampires unless they mess with us…DONT MESS WITH US VAMPIRES..
    thats my werewolf life live it love it deal with it
    7)my powers would be fast,strong,hearing,smell,well most likely dogs senses and a little bit more also vampires would be forsed to leave our pack or they shall die woof woof howls!!!!

  16. If I were a werewolf…

    1. I’d be the hybrid-type werewolf with a human-ish face, like in The Wolf Man.
    2. In a way I’d have control. When I went into werewolf form, I’d be far more aggressive and have less inhibitions. So essentially, my personality would change, but I’d still have self-control.
    3. For the most part, no. I’d change into a werewolf when I’m overcome by powerful negative emotions, like rage. For me, that wouldn’t happen very often. But during the full moon, the chances of that would go up by a tremendous amount.
    4. I pissed off another werewolf and they came after me.
    5. Hell yeah! I’d have great strength, speed, and agility. I’d have super senses, and hunting would come naturally to me. :)

  17. i like werewolves and i want to become one for real! i do have dreams about werewolves and becoming one, i belive i think im werewolf and my brothers think im not one but i will become on but how?

  18. does the mirror thing actually work im gonna try it out tonight at 12 o clock even when it’s in the day, today when i go to the toilet im gonna do it when no one even watching and they don’t know. im going to do it for real!!! im excited now that im going to be werewolf!!!!! duh! and no one will even know! and tonight im going to howl to frighten everyone while their asleep and i wont be!!!!!!!!!!!!! im going to go outside to hunt on my own!

  19. 1. the whole bipedal humanoid werewolf look, that one is good. yellow eyes, all brown fur, metallic gray claws on hands and feet.

    2. absolutely. total control.

    3.well, once i change, its absolutely permanent. no going back except for one thing, and thats if a human somehow manages to kill you in wolf form, then you go back to human forever unless you are bitten again.

    4. i was bitten and nearly died at birth, turning me into a werewolf for the rest of my life. i do not remember who did it, as i was a baby, and i wouldve died from it if someone hadn’t helped me, also someone of no remembrance.

    5. the typical heightened senses, and a new one: flight. not that wingless flight that everyone seems to fancy these days, but nice giant wing flying. they ould be giant brown wings, and very thick aswell, not thin.

  20. In my opinion, just like an Amazon queen I want to be the leader of the pack, their trust, loyalty and protection are my only priorities. As for the transformation camouflage, having the ability to change into an actual wolf helps a great deal when it comes to being hunted. Yet being immune to wolfsbayne as well as silver would be a great bonus, the heighted senses of course, strength, eyes of sparkling sapphire in the moonlight along w/a fur coat of Ivory in the moring and ebony at night streaked with lavender. The gifts of an Empath, Astro-projection (be in two places at the same time)and proficiency to communicate to other creature besides fellow wolves would be great.

    -Though most importantly, my family (the Pack) always comes first.

  21. What would I look like?
    I would be able to either transform into the half-human half-wolf or the normal wolf. My pelt would be a silver-shiny coat that shines in the moonlight, with red highlights in different places. And black and white markings in different places. I would have piercing ice-blue eyes with bright green flecks in them. I would be quite fluffy.

    Would I be in control while in wolf-form?
    Not completely-I would be partialy in control, but my instincts would still kick in, I would know most of who I was, who my friends were, etc. But I would still not totally be in control.

    Could I change at will?

    How did I turn?
    I wouldn’t be FAMILY born into it. In all truth, my birthday IS on Friday the 13, and on the day I was REALLY born, it was a full moon, along with the Friday the 13. So I would be born into it, but not FAMILY born into it. I would be all alone with it.

    Would I have powers?
    Yes, like telaportation and mind reading, etc. I would also be able to use the mind reading and other things in human form. But in wolf form, I wouldn’t always have control of the powers.


    (my wolf name would be MoonBeam/SilverStream.)

  22. 1. As for how would i look like, i think i should be able to chose from complete wolf form and half wolf/half human form depending on whats going on at the time. Also in look, i’d like a shiny silver pelt that shines in the moonlight and blue eyes.

    2. I’d like to keep myself with me when i change, knowing who i was, who my friends were, family, etc. But i’d also like to access those wolf instincts whenever; sorta like actually becoming a wolf with a wolf’s mind but being able to access my human self whenever.

    3. Agreed, the full moon is cool in books & movies, but i’d like to be able to change whenever i please.

    4. Like MoonBeam says, i’d like to wither be born with it but not family born with it (meaning my family doesnt have the ability like i do). Being bitten by a werewolf isnt that bad either so one of the two is my answer.

    5. I dont think i’d want POWERS like the teleporting, time traveling, etc. I’d just like the perks of being a werewolf (heightened senses, super strangth, speed, etc.)

  23. You should post a comment on how to turn yourself back into a human to break the werewolf curse. Say if I were to do some incantation on myself to turn into a werewolf, how would I break the spell?

  24. 1. I would want to be a human/wolf mixture (I enjoy thumbs) but not like in the picture or the stereotypical scary looking werewolf, i’d be like, well, human body covered in fur, wolf head. Not ugly like the movies.

    2. I would love to have full control in wolf form.

    3. I would be able to change at will

    4. Probably be bit, it seems to be the most effective and more guaranteed to work than anything else, but finding one is gonna be hard

    5. I would have stronger senses and stronger, i don’t wish to have all the bells and wissels.

  25. if i were a werewolf:
    1.- I’ll look… Gray body, yellow-gold eyes and be like a normal wolf.
    2.- Umm… yes i will have control, BUT, also my wolf instincts. :)
    3.- I will change when i’m angry but, only in the night. Also, when i want. ;)
    4.- I was born on a Friday 13°, in full moon.
    5.- I would like to read the mind from other people, be super fast, excelent hearing, good smelling and greatest watching.

  26. 1.id be a werewolf like the one from teen wolf tv show,2.yes id be like derrick hale,3.yes id be able to change whenever i chose,4.id be born that way and i awoken my powers during puberty,5.id be super strong and fast in both forms and able to summon my eyes to change and my claws to come out and id be immortal

  27. 1. What would I look like? Id like to have the ability to shift between the three forms of Full Human Full Wolf and Hybrid. My fur would be Black and my eyes would have not iris or pupil and instead be colored entirely green which would glow
    2. Would I have control while in wolf form? i would have control but have personality aspects mix with the traits and instincts of the wolf
    3. Could I change at will? Yes but i would have it so full moons trigger it by force as well as certain emotions trigger it if they are expressed too vibrantly at a single point.
    4. How did I turn? Randomly attacked by a Werewolf when out camping one night
    5. Would I have powers? Yes. i would have heightened senses but also i would be able to secrete a vapor of smoke out of my skin at will.

  28. Just saying….

    Those stories that depict the human turning against his will then becoming a feral best heading off on a murderous rampage with no recollection only remains true if one is bitten. If you are bitten by a werewolf then you will be doomed to suffer changing under the will of the lunar cycles. Even in human form you will lose your mind and go crazy…Living a life of pure insanity. Most take their own lives or become heavily medicated to keep their minds some what stable. But most would be turned into hamburger meat when attacked by a wolf that reports would be read it was a bear attack.

    Now if you say were able to get a hold of a list of herbs and other items for the process then it would be different. You would change but your mind would be the same as you are right now in human form. Lets hope your mind is sane and you have a good heart from the start. Then you would enjoy the process, learn how to control the change at will and not be a slave to lunar cycles.

    How long does transformation last? About 10-15 seconds, quick and only super painful when you first shift few times. After that its like getting bit a mosquito just an annoyance but no bother. Best part its super fast and the reward is worth it. When change happens your skin will rip/tear off the body and under neath your human skin would begin to see massive amounts of hair. Your height it 8-10ft tall, you can run on two legs or use all four limbs. You move at super speeds and can do so in heavily dense woods. The way everything looks at night is incredible and its all lights up with a glitter effect to it. In wolf form you will be able to leap 10-15ft in a stand still stance without getting hurt…speeds are extreme and at 60+mph good.

    Even as human you would be super strong, fast, healthy, happy, and your senses would be off the charts. Your body rapidly heals and so aging slows down. It takes 5 years for a werewolf to age 1 human year…again age becomes a huge factor as you will stay young for a very long time, plus never get sick.

    Shifting over time the werewolf will learn how to control shifting at will. It is a 6th sense and over a short period of time of changes the werewolf will control it like flipping a light switch. There are tools to help with this change.

    In Wolf form do they get hungry, kill cattle or people? In wolf form you are hungrier and that’s due to size and metabolic rate in wolf form. As for killing anything you will make that choice by decision and not by just killing anything in site. UNLESS you were bitten by a werewolf then its out of your control. By choice you can eat smaller rodent or feed on deer or live stock by choice. Werewolves wont usually touch a farmers live stock and that is due to respect and the fact it will draw some unwanted attention. It can be done a few times but if you kills all the live stock then it will not be good.

    Silver? It may burn a little but will not kill a wolf. Destroying a major organ would do the trick but it would have to be destroyed with no chance of rapid healing or decapitation of the head. Other than that you would most likely be killed quickly for even trying, or if lucky the wolf would vanish in a flash.

    As for werewolf hunters….there is none as there is no equipping for hunting a were wolf…the speed, strength of the were wolf is to much….if the wolf can snap trees like twigs, climb like a monkey, leap 10-15ft in one jump, and run at speeds of 60+mph, with lighting fast reflexes good luck and you better start praying. Plus in wolf form its best to avoid any human contact, you could possibly bite someone in defense and run off leaving a ticking time bomb out in the open.

    Is the wolf satanic? The answer is no…its much deeper than that and is something past down throughout history, family traditions, tribes etc. It is a gift meant for peace, harmony and to be one with nature. Its very deep and something of pride, glory and happiness. Only one satanic group has made claims of were-wolf transformations in the 70’s, they were to busy eating LSD and drugging out.

    Satanic Wolves…….are people who claim they feed of energy/and shift in astral forms and in human form they go into an altered heightened human state that makes them wolf life. What you get is crazy naked people running around in a field howling at the moon or drunk red-necks who drank to much moon shine. When the police show up that wolf like state changes into “oh shit”……again not a werewolf. No matter the claim………….

    Werewolves will not come out in the public, you will not ever know if its a neighbor or the stranger walking by….its hidden and kept from public view. Do not ask to be bitten by a werewolf it will not happen! That’s asking for death and just not going to happen. If it did then your so F*cked……….the proper change happens through certain methods. No youtube werewolf, mermaid and vampires spells will not work.

    In all its a gift and tradition and its very private…its like getting up in the morning to drive to school or work it become everyday normal when being a werewolf.

    If you are on the internet asking, begging, searching for someone to change you! Then be advised to stay away your asking either for a nutty fake or an actual psycho path. Bottom line its just not going to happen. If you were to witness the change in front of your eyes chances are majority would scream, run, cry and lose mental insanity. Your friends will not think it is cool they will drop your ass like a bad habit… Your family/friends would either die from the shock or actually lose their minds. If your going to risk killing your mother, father or siblings or risk their sanity then being a wolf is not for you. You do not deserve the path….

    Since you age slowly you will have to watch your family, wife, husband, children, grand kids age and reach death while you stay alive. If you ever lost someone you loved then get ready to keep applying that throughout your lifetime. Even if you did offer the gift most will turn it down when they see its real…that is due to beliefs of the mind and big part is religious.

    You want to be super strong fast etc then go to the gym, mediate, take martial arts, or you can use steroids….

    As best fantasize, watch movies, see them sparkle if you want LOL :-), or write stories and just enjoy life….


    Watch the video in the above link its about a family who had an experience with a pack of werewolves….what happened to this family is real in their eyes, experience and is an example of existence of werewolves. When you ask do wolves have control? Only ones that are changed by choice do and in this example you will see that no one gets killed/hurt but just scared to the point of moving off the property.

    It was just a warning to get off the land my guess for privacy reasons.

  29. i would like to be a silver white wolf (like the one in wolf’s rain) with ear, paws, tail and black eyes, i can change from human to wolf at will and control my wolf form, born with wolf genes and what powers do i want? well, i want to have enhenced my speed and sense(smell & sight)

  30. I would be a muscle-bound werewolf with super strength and speed. I would be able to change whenever I like. My werewolf form will have enough muscles to envy even the Hulk. I would still feel human on the inside, and become one of the most powerful werewolves in the world.

  31. I would be a normal wolf, a black one with one pale blue eye (the other one is missing) and I would have full control. I would have been granted this by the moon god and could transform whenever. In human form, I would have claws, sharper teeth, and better smell/hearing.

  32. i would want to be a movie style werewolf, have all my senses heightened by A LOT, perhaps even a bit BETTER than wolves, and the like. super strength. at least able to flip a car, and rip someone in half, but not superman super strength! be myself when i am a werewolf, but have some animalistic traits and instincts and stuff. i would want to be able to change at will, and for it NOT to hurt. at least not TOO much. i don’t WANt ti to hurt, but i don’t really see how i could NOT! and i would prefer to be a werewolf because my FAMILY is werewolves, as then they could help me and guide me, and i’d have someone to talk to, about it.

  33. I would be a normal wolf, preferably either creamy white, dark grey, or shiny silver with a white underbelly. I would change at will, and the shift would be painless. I would have wolf instincts, but a human mind and full control over myself. I would be tall, probably 4 or 5 feet at the shoulder, and between twice and three times as strong as a normal human in my human form, and between twice and three times as strong as a normal wolf in my wolf form. My human form will have the senses of a wolf, except both my forms will see in vibrant colour, like a human. I will have the speed and agility of a wolf in both forms, but much more in my wolf form. My eyes would also flash the colour of my wolf form when I get angry, excited, or riled up.
    Now can somebody turn me into this werewolf?

  34. 1. I’d go with having both full wolf and hybrid forms, with them being not much larger than a normal wolf/human (hybrid form slightly more human than the picture but more wolf like than the Teenwolf movies)
    2. Have control but with instincts, the kind that make things like running through the woods with a pack just feel right
    3. Some control over the transformation. Full moons makes the body want to go full wolf but still able to will myself to change or keep my current form
    4. Turned by a mystic combination of being born on a new moon and drinking water downstream from real wolves near a mystic hot spot under a full moon.
    5. Slightly higher strength than is logically possible, higher metabolism and healing factor, stronger when turned, strongest in hybrid form. Heightened sense of hearing and smell strongest in wolf form, stronger if focusing on environment. Pre-flex (sense danger coming and reacting to it), human form only (due to subconscious processing senses at wolf level without conscious mind comprehending it)

  35. if i were a werewolf i would be a two legged hybrid werewolf that has no control whether full moon or day and no tail, but very fury, that i would have a muzzle, black, and red fur and yet after i excersize i get to control it, and i get transform into one

  36. 1. two legged hybrid wolf form with no tail and very fury with black and red fur
    2. no control over it
    3. super strength and heightened senses

  37. If I were a werewolf…
    1. I would be a brown, humanwolf whose eye color changes based on my mood.
    2. I would have the same control compromise as Moonlight.
    3. I cannot change at will, however, I don’t have to wait for the full moon. I turn every night.
    4. I would intentionally have brought the gift upon myself, by drinking rainwater from the footprint of a werewolf.
    5. My powers would include: Heightened senses, accelerating healing, enhanced speed, and enhanced strength. The classic powers.

  38. If I were a werewolf…
    1. I would be a humanwolf, black fur, red eyes
    2. I would have full control over myself
    3. I can change at will
    4. I would have been bitten by another werewolf
    5. my powers will include heightened senses, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, and accelerated healing.

  39. If I was a werewolf I would want to be half human half wolf form

    I would be able to transform when I want and have full control

    I would want to be born into it but not have a family of werewolf’s but they all know that only a few every couple of generations have the gift and they know about me

    My powers would be red glowing eyes in human from and wolf whenever I want
    Super strength and speed in human form which get a lot better in wolf Form
    Super senses on all
    The ability to use bloodlust that make people scared
    The ability to turn others into werewolf’s by biting them
    Super healing
    And control over all animals in human and wolf form
    And in human form I get buff like 8 pack a decent amount of muscle Which only gets better in wolf form
    And control Over other peoples emotions

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