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I met the Limb Ripper!

At long last, Spirit Halloween opened up in a town near me–with “near” being a relative term, as it’s at least an hour’s drive for me to get there–and naturally I had to drop by at my first opportunity.

Remember this guy? The Limb Ripper. I wrote about him a few weeks ago. Now I’ve seen him in person. I walked in the door and there he was, waiting to greet me. He said he’d read the piece I did on him and he approved, which is good, as I didn’t want to get my limbs ripped that day. Or any other day that I can recall. The Limb Ripper is taller than I would’ve expected. (Granted, he is standing on a platform whereas I’m on the floor. Also, I was only wearing sandals at the time. Still, he’s a big boy.)

It STILL bugs me that the beast’s name isn’t hyphenated, as would be grammatically correct. (Hey, I was an English major. I’m programmed that way.) You know what? I’m gonna fix it! I always refer to the 1931 Universal classic THE WOLFMAN as just that, two words, “the” and “wolfman”, even though the film, when first released, was dubbed THE WOLF MAN. Also, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE was originally THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. “Chain” and “saw” were two separate words, which is grammatically incorrect.

From now on, then, this animatronic beastie is called the LIMB-RIPPER.

If that’s alright with him.

The Evil Cheezman • October 5, 2017

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