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I have been to the Black Lagoon!

Last week, I got to take a little vacation. I found myself in lovely Florida, having a lovely time. One of the activities I put near the top of my list of things to do was to visit Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. (The park bears Ball’s name because he sold the land to the State, after building a gorgeous lodge on the site.) Wakulla (pronounced wuh-cull-ah) is the world’s biggest and deepest freshwater spring, fed by an underwater cavern, and is surrounded by swampland. It is stunningly beautiful. Once the waters of Wakulla were so clear that proprietors offered tours in glass-bottomed boats, where tourists could see a hundred feet down to the bottom of the spring and where the effect of floating in air was so powerful that it caused some passengers to become disoriented. These days, due to increased pollution (Way to go, humans!) the waters are not so clear, although you can still see several feet to several yards beneath the boat.

The waters of Wakulla were SO clear that it made for a perfect location to film underwater sequences. Several scenes from various Tarzan movies were filmed at Wakulla. The “Tarzan Tree” where Johnny Weissmuller balanced on a branch, ready to swing out on a vine, has sadly succumbed to old age and is no longer standing, although the guides will point out the spot where it once stood. And in addition to the clarity of the waters, the primordial appearance of the swamp led to Wakulla being selected as the location for filming THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.

And look—the Creature is still there!

The Evil Cheezman • September 14, 2018

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