I’m Cracking Down on You Naughty Wolves

After reading that title above you may be wondering what I’m talking about – well, it’s simple, I’m cracking down on all of the troublemakers that visit this site and leave terrible comments. You see, I read every single comment you guys write here, and usually I love them because I love hearing from my readers – I love reading your opinions on various topics, I love reading your ideas, I love compliments and I even love it when you disagree with me. But lately, the site is getting an overwhelming amount of unacceptable comments. Here is what I am talking about:

  1. Leaving dozens of comments begging someone to turn you into a werewolf is not acceptable. NO ONE HERE CAN TURN YOU INTO A WEREWOLF! I hate to tell you that, but it’s true. And no, I do not know how to turn you into a werewolf either. I have been studying werewolves personally and professionally for many years now and I can honestly say that there is no way for me to turn you into a werewolf. So stop constantly asking.
  2. Posting your e-mail address or your home address is not allowed! I wrote about that HERE. It’s for obvious safety reasons. We don’t want some sexual predator to target you and seriously injure or KILL you because you were stupid enough to post your information on a website for all to see. Lucky for you I delete those particular comments the second I see them.
  3. Insulting other commenters is also NOT allowed. Disagreeing with someone and arguing your point is perfectly fine, but flat out insulting people (“OMG you are so retarded”) is NOT allowed. Everyone here is welcome to state their opinions, and no one is allowed to be rude and insulting to them for it. I’ve already had people complain to me about this, so stop doing it!
  4. Lying! I’ve worked on this site long enough to know when someone is lying. So don’t even try it. That’s directed at all of you pretend werewolves. From now on when I read a comment where you claim to be a real werewolf, I’m deleting it. No real werewolf would go to a werewolf website and tell everyone that they are a werewolf. That’s ridiculous. The reason I find it so irritating is because some of our younger readers believe you and it makes them go all crazy. It turns into mass chaos and I’m sick of it.
  5. Spamming is obviously not allowed. If you leave the same comment 35 times I’m going to delete 34 of them. If you continue to spam, I’ll ban you. Simple. Oh, and don’t even try the whole name changing thing, it doesn’t fool me. Leaving the same comment over and over again and changing your name every time SO does not work, so don’t bother.
  6. Try to stay on topic. I’m not too picky or strict about this rule, but don’t go on and on about how much you love Jacob on a post about ancient werewolf history. It’s annoying, especially considering how there are tons of Jacob posts you can comment on.

This type of behavior is what I was expecting on Vampires.com (yes, I work there too). I expected there to be countless vampire fanatics spazzing out about real vampires, lying about being a vampire or fans going on and on about how they want to marry Edward Cullen. That’s what I expected, and while there are a few of those people over there, it’s not even half as bad as it is here. The amount of lying attention whores here on Werewolves.com is absolutely ridiculous and from now on I’m going to ban those of you who break the rules listed above. You’re ruining the fun for everyone else.

Werewolves.com is a place for werewolf fans to read about the latest news, to learn about werewolf history, to discuss werewolves, to make new friends that share a common interest and all sorts of other awesomeness. That’s why we’re here. I absolutely love my readers, I love writing for you and I love hearing from you, which is why I’m cracking down on the troublemakers. Break the rules and I’ll smack you with the ban stick.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


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  2. Sheesh, I had no idea all that was happening in your comments section. I hope the troublemakers shape up.

  3. Dang lol I just looked up a picture of a werewolf for my screensaver and I ended up here lol….and dang you had allot of liars and stuff….oh well crap happens =P

  4. haha, yeah, I also expected that from Vampires.com, never been there, but had been expecting it to be worse then here

  5. I admit, I have broken one of those rules at least once, but nothing like that will be posted again. I only read the articles, I’ll sometimes read the comments, but my pet peeve on this site is the transformation posts.
    It’s just annoying and besides, if werewolves are real and the ways listed on here work, I’m sure you can say a spell or sleep outside on friday’s or something like that without contacting anyone on this site.

    Thank you for posting these rules.

  6. Bonsoir Moonlight.

    Could you please turn me to a wereplatypus PLEEEEEAAAAAASE ?
    I know I have what it takes to be a duck-billed flat-tailed fullmoon killer.

    1. You ask for much, the wereplatypus are a deadly kind, I only entrust these deadly spurs to those who are worthy. After I test your egg laying capabilities I may give you the duck-billed bite of DOOM! Lol ;)

      Seriously though, a wereplatypus would be horrifying… in an oddly adorable way. :P

    2. Would probably be a great hunter when it comes to humans. People would see it and have an “awwwww” moment and then before they know it its mauling their face.

    3. a wereplatypus- creepy and adorable. 1 minuet u are like taking pictures of it. the next minuet ur leg is missing. :P

  7. I’m a mythologist and a dragonologist and i thank you for explaining this to everyone im tired of people posting about Jacob who in fact is a desired figment of Stephany Myers’ subconscious dreams, even she said so herself, and that he is not even real, nor is there someone whom he is based off of, so please everyone quit gocking over some actor whom you don’t even know. Werewolf and the very idea of lycanthropes are meant to be respected not ridiculed. And if you ridicule them maybe one may just have to hunt you down,jk, but im just tired of all of the Jacob talk i mean in three years you wont even remember what the book was about and you will be on some other new fad.So please quit all of the Jacob talk or at least dial it down a bit.Thank you.

  8. I think what you have established on this site is very unique and inspiring! I have been working on a site that has many of the facts and topics like yours, although once I found this site I sort of got mad because you have already made a successful werewolf site, but i now feel the opposite and I am excited to adventure this site. I feel that you share the love of Werewolves as much as I do. Hope to converse with you about stuff!



    PS Great article on the expectations!

  9. you are brillent i love werewolves with all my life thanks so much for this site werewolves are the best i wish i could be a werewolf.

  10. just found this site. i have read a few books that i think are very good . Nightshade and wolfsbane the third one comes out in feb, the author is andrea cremer.

  11. I honestly love this site and love reading your blogs and reviews, and I can’t understand why so many people are so consumed by the internet for some reason they get into the ‘Attention Whore’ fase and just BUG THE HELL OUT. I spend most of my day on the computer but at least I don’t obsess (as much). I mean, I saw this chick who kept saying over and over and over in her comment, ‘If you friend me on Facebook I’ll show you this really creepy but cool spell that turns you into a werewolf!!1! But you have to friend me first so friend me and I’ll IM this spell to you. ;)’

    And I was just, “F!ck not this again, I get enough of this on Youtube.com!!”

  12. lol this is good advice. hope every single spammer and trouble maker reads this. i totally agree with the i am a werewof crap. but the most annoying thing on this website is the: “CAN YOU MAKE ME F***ng WEREWOLF?” cpap. oh and buy the way i might wanna grab a hokey mask cause if that bann stick comes swingn mah way it gonna hurt like all kinds o pain. moonlight u so awsome.

  13. moonligth , like that you are clear about what you want , and dont want on this page
    for a internet page to be good it has to be a good person behind it . and this page surtainly has one

  14. Thank you for this site!, I found it for the first time today, The world needs more open minded people like you!

    1. Again. Do you have a single positive thing to say? You have left like 50 negative and pretentious comments here. Get over yourself.

  15. Moonlight in did not know that there are so MUCH troublemakers on this site i love werewolfs and i love your site inam glad that i can visit this place to look at what other people think of werewolfs or what werewolfs think of people ;)
    Just kidding i love your work and your site

  16. #4 just isn’t fair. First of all, in many cases people do lie, I’ll tell you that right now. But first off, I’m using a fake name and decoy email address, and the likelihood of anyone trying to track me down through this site is unlikely anyway. Second, many of us are genuinely werewolves and simply want to talk to someone who understands about it. Since we’re so rare, we can often only do that online. Third, we’re not idiots. I’m not going to give out my name or home address. I’m not going to send nude pictures to anyone. I, like many others on this site, am simply an adolescent werewolf hybrid being raised by a human mother and trying to guide my werewolf little brother to adulthood as well as I can, since he never even knew our dad and our mom can barely take care of herself, let alone her hybrid children. I want solace among my kind, but I can’t have that and this site is the closest thing I will ever have to that, at least for a long time. Fourth, a few of us are using this site for a legit, practical purpose: we want to go public and are trying to round up support for our cause.

    I know you mean well, Moonlight, and it’s writers like you that make this site possible, but really: you need to back off, at least a little, when it comes to that rule. Otherwise, we can just go and make our own site for legitimate werewolves, which will leave you with far less users. Your call.

    1. I agree beth, some ppl r born wolf but nobody believes us. its not fair that some ppl fake werewolfism while some ppl are ACTUALLY werewolves.

      1. but anyway moonlight, nicely done and I luv ur website and I feel bad about how u have to deal with all these comments and Im will not post my email address. I respect ur rules and all ur work. I hope that ppl will follow these rules and do better.

    2. Ya, I mean the entire reason I read these articles is to figure out who and what I am. I’ve had to deal with this since I was 7! That’s an extremely long time though I won’t say my age for security reasons. I’ll just say that that’s more than half my life. There are so many friends I’ve lost because they thought I was a freak because they saw my eyes shift or my teeth or whatever body part decided to randomly start p-shifting. Then all this otherkin stuff just made it harder for me to find people like me. I’m sorry if you feel like you’re a wolf, but please stop making websites saying ‘real werewolves’ when it’s not. Sifting through all that gets tiring. Then there’s the whole thing where online packs deteriorate so fast it’s not even funny, and all the roleplayers! MY GOD THE ROLE PLAYERS. I swear to god it makes us all so paranoid that I’ve gotten banned by fellow wolves because something I said sounded off kilter! I just wish they’d leave us alone. Give us a few acres and let us live the way we were meant to. Together. Anyway, Rylee out.

  17. im gonna try a werewolf spell when im old enough. the spell is: By the light of the moon, and our piercing howls, we r further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life to the evolution of man, i shall be reawakened with one with the land. i hope this works.

    1. It will work but if done while underage, you may die due to the amount of pain it is to shift. U have to be 13 or older to cast the spell. Btw, u say it 10 times perfectly. Well, good luck on your spell! :)

  18. And Yes. I do In fact would like to become a werewolf and Can Handle Being bitten across the neck if being the only way. I had mental prepared my self for such pain by Cutting and stabbing… Also lots of Very Playful dog bites by my dog Teddie.

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