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I’m Cracking Down on You Naughty Wolves

After reading that title above you may be wondering what I’m talking about – well, it’s simple, I’m cracking down on all of the troublemakers that visit this site and leave terrible comments. You see, I read every single comment you guys write here, and usually I love them because I love hearing from my readers – I love reading your opinions on various topics, I love reading your ideas, I love compliments and I even love it when you disagree with me. But lately, the site is getting an overwhelming amount of unacceptable comments. Here is what I am talking about:

  1. Leaving dozens of comments begging someone to turn you into a werewolf is not acceptable. NO ONE HERE CAN TURN YOU INTO A WEREWOLF! I hate to tell you that, but it’s true. And no, I do not know how to turn you into a werewolf either. I have been studying werewolves personally and professionally for many years now and I can honestly say that there is no way for me to turn you into a werewolf. So stop constantly asking.
  2. Posting your e-mail address or your home address is not allowed! I wrote about that HERE. It’s for obvious safety reasons. We don’t want some sexual predator to target you and seriously injure or KILL you because you were stupid enough to post your information on a website for all to see. Lucky for you I delete those particular comments the second I see them.
  3. Insulting other commenters is also NOT allowed. Disagreeing with someone and arguing your point is perfectly fine, but flat out insulting people (“OMG you are so retarded”) is NOT allowed. Everyone here is welcome to state their opinions, and no one is allowed to be rude and insulting to them for it. I’ve already had people complain to me about this, so stop doing it!
  4. Lying! I’ve worked on this site long enough to know when someone is lying. So don’t even try it. That’s directed at all of you pretend werewolves. From now on when I read a comment where you claim to be a real werewolf, I’m deleting it. No real werewolf would go to a werewolf website and tell everyone that they are a werewolf. That’s ridiculous. The reason I find it so irritating is because some of our younger readers believe you and it makes them go all crazy. It turns into mass chaos and I’m sick of it.
  5. Spamming is obviously not allowed. If you leave the same comment 35 times I’m going to delete 34 of them. If you continue to spam, I’ll ban you. Simple. Oh, and don’t even try the whole name changing thing, it doesn’t fool me. Leaving the same comment over and over again and changing your name every time SO does not work, so don’t bother.
  6. Try to stay on topic. I’m not too picky or strict about this rule, but don’t go on and on about how much you love Jacob on a post about ancient werewolf history. It’s annoying, especially considering how there are tons of Jacob posts you can comment on.

This type of behavior is what I was expecting on Vampires.com (yes, I work there too). I expected there to be countless vampire fanatics spazzing out about real vampires, lying about being a vampire or fans going on and on about how they want to marry Edward Cullen. That’s what I expected, and while there are a few of those people over there, it’s not even half as bad as it is here. The amount of lying attention whores here on Werewolves.com is absolutely ridiculous and from now on I’m going to ban those of you who break the rules listed above. You’re ruining the fun for everyone else.

Werewolves.com is a place for werewolf fans to read about the latest news, to learn about werewolf history, to discuss werewolves, to make new friends that share a common interest and all sorts of other awesomeness. That’s why we’re here. I absolutely love my readers, I love writing for you and I love hearing from you, which is why I’m cracking down on the troublemakers. Break the rules and I’ll smack you with the ban stick.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • April 28, 2011

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